Looking For New Clothes? Visit Nobody’s Child

April 14, 2016
A few weeks ago I got in contact with Nobody’s Child and teamed up with them to do a review on their stylish clothing.  The London-based fashion line is going to be your best friend this year and I can promise you that. I hadn’t heard of this company much; however, it’s getting more popular by the day, with their faces now on the telephone boxes of  Leeds! They’re always bringing out new ranges which prove them right by saying “Fast fashion with a conscience.”

Nobody’s Child seem like a lovely company, with a friendly customer service team, one of the items I received didn’t fit and they replied within a day, more than happy for me to swap my item.

 The items are very affordable, the prices being similar to Miss Guided and Boohoo, which is fantastic as you’re not breaking the bank just to buy one outfit. So let’s see what I received! 

First of all, I chose this Grey Marl Ribbed 1/2 Sleeved Top. I chose this because I wanted something plain and I know turtle necked tops have been in for a while now. The fabric is stretchy which means it’s comfortable and the neck isn’t too tight. I worry about items like this usually because I hate tops that make you feel like you’re choking but with this top, it isn’t a problem. With a price tag of just £10, this is a fantastic buy. You can throw this top on and either go smart or casual. Everyone needs one of these in their wardrobe. I found it so hard to pick an outfit because I loved everything on their site but I wanted something practical but fashionable and I was happy with what I got. My favourite thing about this top is that it hugs my figure which makes me feel confident.
To complete my outfit, I got the Black Wrap Button A-Line Skirt. I fell in love with this skirt instantly. Nobody’s Child have modernised your classic A-Line with wrap detail and adorable buttoning. You can quickly go monochrome with this outfit and it would look super classy. The skirt has a stretchy material and if any of you girls out there struggle to find clothes that stay on your waist, then worry no more, this skirt is your saviour. The fabric of this skirt is heavier than I thought it would be so I can tell that it’s very high-quality and for £14, I wouldn’t expect that at all. These items are higher quality than some expensive clothing I’ve bought in the past. 
So if you want fashionable clothes with a mouth-droppingly impressive price tag, look no further. Nobody’s Child is your place. I felt confident walking around the city of Leeds in this outfit and I didn’t feel annoyed with scratchy labels or issues of any sort. Of course, the summer range is now in and it looks gorgeous, so make sure you go and check it out, you’ll fall in love. 
Let me know what you think in the comments, have you ever visited Nobody’s Child?

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