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February 6, 2017
If there were a choice of lipstick brand, I would always turn to my beloved MAC. I haven’t found any other lipstick which stays on all day and feels extremely comfortable with no cracking or awful wear and tear. Matte lipsticks have a habit of making lips dry and liquid lippies can sometimes make the pout look flaky. Yuck. I was a little dubious when I was contacted by Peak Cosmetics about trying out some of their new lipsticks, but their shades were beautiful, so I decided to test them out!
I was sent the Duet Dual Liquid Lipsticks and got to choose 5 lovely shades which were Strawberry Mousse, Strawberry Soufflé, Milky Way, Bonica and Vanilla Bean. These shades vary from nude and browns to pinks and corals. The idea with this product is that you can aim for two different looks. On one end, there is the liquid lipstick, and on the other, there is a clear gloss which you can pop on top, so if you aren’t a matte kinda girl, then there is no problem.
The best thing about Peak Cosmetics is the fact that they’re for anyone! They are cruelty-free, vegan, gluten free and even paraben free which means you’re on your way to luscious lips. These beauties retail for $24 but are currently down to $14, and if you want 40% off then all you need to do is click my link and get shopping!


A bit of a barbie girl? Then Strawberry Mousse is for you! The colour is bright and bold so is perfect if you’re a bit of a daredevil when it comes to makeup. Perfect for a night out or a summer holiday.


Strawberry Soufflè

Sounds divine and looks it too! Bit of a beach babe and love coral shades? Then this is the one! I’m absolutely in love with this little gem as it’s bright yet subtle and very flattering, even if you have smaller lips. 

Milky Way 

Here we start to slide into the beige shades which of course, is my heaven. Milky way is a nude shade with a splash of pink so is ideal for natural makeup. I’m so impressed with the application of these lippies because they are so easy to glide onto lips and the brush is perfect. Not only that, but the shades are so creamy and pigmented, so you don’t have to worry about patchiness! 


My absolute fav. Bonica is THE NUDE. The only one that you need in your makeup bag. It feels velvety on lips and hydrates so you can say goodbye to a dry pout and your chap stick. The lipstick feels so lightweight and is able to last throughout tea sipping and biscuit eating. What could be better than that? 

Vanilla Bean

Bold, courageous and stylish, this cappuccino coloured lippy makes your complexion complete. If you are up for a statement piece then Vanilla Bean is your saviour. The stain does not budge and you won’t have to battle with bleeding or transfer. Hallelujah! 
Full coverage, 12-hours of continuous wear, strawberry scented smooth gloss and intense colour. Show your individual beauty and fulfil the desire to change your style! 
Which Peak Cosmetic shade will you go for? 

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