Let’s Talk About Periods

October 3, 2016
I’m always very open on my blog, and I’m always confident in talking about personal issues, but for some reason, I’ve never got round to periods. Periods are one of those crappy things that us girls have to go through every single month for the majority of our lives. They’re unfair, and you wish you were never born a girl, but I thought I’d chat to you today about how I dealt with them.
I still remember getting the puberty talk in year 5 and being absolutely astonished that we were going to get a period. As a child, you always get told that bleeding is bad, so I thought that something terrible would happen to my body but my Mum was always very open to me, and I often asked questions out of curiosity.
When I hit high school, the spots began to appear on my forehead, and I started to wear bras (which never actually fit). Being at an all girls school probably helped me when it came to changes in the body, as everyone was going through the same thing. However, it was the most hormonal place in the world, and it wasn’t exactly pleasant 24/7. Everyone around you seems to be getting bigger boobs than you or they’ve started their period before you, and it does panic you because you feel like something is wrong but everyone is different.

My first time of the month hit when I was around 13 and thank god I was at home. I screamed my Mum, and she came rushing upstairs, telling me what to do. It all feels a little surreal when it first happens, but you learn to deal with it.
During my first year of getting my period, I started to experience excruciating cramps and heavy bleeding which would result in me curled up in bed crying, clutching the hot water bottle and begging Mum to stay off school. By the age of 16, I was put on birth control (the combined pill) which reduced my cramps, made me more regular and made me feel like I had more control of my body. The pill has worked really well for me, but of course, everyone is different. There are many myths about the pill regarding symptoms and studies prove that it doesn’t make you put on weight so, please don’t be worried about that.

No matter what anyone tells you, periods aren’t disgusting. They’re natural. It’s okay to be open about periods, after all, they do happen to half of the population.
Hope x

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  • elizabeth says:

    Such a great post and super honest! I totally agree with the sleep for five days thing haha xD I used to get the most excruciating cramps too, absolutely unbearable pain that would leave me screaming/crying/writhing in agony >< when I was in labour I had that same pain again but it wasn't any worse (super luckily I had an epidural though haha). I had tightenings inbetween contractions so didn't get a break from them and had to endure for hours until epidural time, not fun! But my cramps have been so much better since giving birth to my son! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

  • Hope says:

    Thank you, Elizabeth! There's nothing worse than cramping, I wouldn't wish it on anyone! I'd certainly dread labour too, but I'm glad they've got better! X

  • Brilliant post, periods can be a nighmare. When i was in school they got so bad i used to pass out everymonth. It was crazy! Now im older it doesn't happen thank god. But sleep for 5 five days would a amazing lol xfjx

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