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June 22, 2016
Hey, everyone! Today I thought I’d move away from fashion and beauty and talk to you on a more personal level. I figured you probably know a bit about me by now but not a lot so I was inspired to do an A-Z about me. This is a lot harder than you think, but I couldn’t wait to share it with you all so sit down with a cup of tea and let’s get stuck in.
A is for Anxiety
As you’ve seen from my previous anxiety post, mental health is something very close to my heart. I’ve been suffering from an anxiety disorder since the beginning of 2015, and it’s something I’m battling every day. No one should go through mental health alone, and it needs to be taken more seriously.
B is for Boyfriend
A few years ago I met my boyfriend, Lewis, he’s my rock and has supported me through everything. The fitness freak he is can sometimes have it’s downsides when all he wants to do is eat chicken and work out (priorities).

C is for Cake

Yes, I’ll admit it, I eat way too much cake. As you’ve seen, I’m a fan of baking, and I’m willing to try anything out. However, that’s not always good for my waistline.

D is for Darbi

My little sister Darbi is such a gem. At just 16 months she’s already running around and is a little chatterbox, she probably wears me out more than I do her.

E is for Education

I feel that the education system failed me. I had to leave school/sixth form and missed exams due to my anxiety and the education system treated me very badly. Your health is more important than a piece of paper.

F is for Friendship

Over the past couple of years, I have found out who my real friends are. Friendship is important, and I’ve realised that it’s okay to let people go.

G is for Glasses

Unfortunately, I was blessed with eyes that are basically blind without glasses (Thanks, Mum). However, I’m planning on trying out contact lenses to see if they suit me better.

H is for Health and Social Care

I studied Health and Social Care in high school and did very well, so I’m hoping to explore it further and make a career in that field.

I is for Instagram

Instagram is my favourite social media network out there and where I began; I get to share my photography, and I’ve received some great support. Check my account out here.

J is for Jewellery

At the moment, I have started to adore rings (especially Pandora). I think jewellery is very personal, and everyone should have a piece that’s unique to them.

K is for Kinder Bueno

One of the best chocolate bars around and my guilty pleasure. Have you tried a Kinder Bueno milkshake!? Trust me; you need to.

L is for Leeds

My second home and the best place to shop. My room is plastered in train tickets to Leeds, and I’m lucky enough to be able to stay with my boyfriend this summer so lots of Leeds adventures will be happening!

M is for Makeup

A bit of an obvious one, but I can’t resist looking at makeup counters in Debenhams and drooling over all the beautiful palettes. You can never get enough makeup, right?

N is for Nature

I love flowers and landscapes, just visiting and exploring places. My goal for this summer is to be out in nature even more and enjoy the real beauty. We all sit around too much on technology and forget what’s around us.

O is for Open

I enjoy being an open person, and I want people to relate to me and to be able to feel comfortable. It’s important to share your thoughts and opinions, and you should never be afraid.

P is for Photography

Of course, photography is my favourite hobby, and you’ll find me glued to a camera most of the time.

Q is for Quiet

Sometimes I love quiet time; it’s something that everyone needs, and it definitely can help when I’m having a bad day. There’s nothing quite like taking a warm bath with a cup of tea and a good magazine.

R is for Roundhay

Roundhay Park is one of my favourite places to visit in Leeds, perfect for a summer picnic or a winter walk; I’ve never had a bad time there. I always go with my boyfriend and take some amazing pictures.

S is for Separation

When I was just one year old, my Mum and Dad separated, from then on I’ve had a very close bond with my Mum as she brought me up on her own.

T is for Travel

So far I’ve travelled to Spain, Greece and the Canary Islands, but I’d love to explore a lot more. I love experiencing, learning about new cultures and meeting amazing people. Just a few places I’d want to visit are Italy, America and Japan.

U is for Unicorns

Just a little obsession of mine (whoops). Unicorns are scattered all over my room in one way or another. Unicorn pens, teddies, pictures and even a hot water bottle, I’ve got them all.

V is for Violin

When I was in primary school, I played the violin for about four years (not that I was any good). I think it’s great to play an instrument at some point in your life. I can’t remember how to play now, and I probably drove my Mum mad with the screeching sound but in the end I quit because I was scared of my teacher.

W is for Writing

A little bit self-explanatory really, especially seeing as you’re reading this on my blog meaning I’m obviously a blogger. I’ve enjoyed writing ever since I was young and chose to write to inspire and support people with mental health.

X is for X-ray

When I was about 13, I had my first x-ray on my back; I’d started to get excruciating back pain and then ended up in physio. To this day, I still don’t know what caused it (weird).

Y is for York

York is my favourite city in England. The gorgeous old buildings and cobblestones make it so individual and unique. There’s nothing quite like visiting The Shambles, and you’ll be in awe of its beauty.

Z is for Zodiac

My Zodiac sign is a Taurus, meaning I’m stubborn (maybe…), loyal and independent. I’m not usually one in believing these sorts of things but in this case, it’s certainly true!

So now you know a little more about me! Longer than usual but I enjoyed writing it. If you want to talk then email me at the following sugarcoathope@gmail.com, I’m always up for a chat!

Speak soon Lovelies,

Hope x

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