Let There Be Light

December 27, 2017

There are certain things that catch your attention the moment you step into any home. Feature walls, statement pieces of furniture, wall art, or plush carpets… the list goes on and on. But there are certain things in a room that will completely change the ambience and atmosphere without you even noticing it. Lighting is one of these. It’s a factor that can make all the difference between any room being dark and dingy, fresh and breezy, or cosy and snug. So, if you have a certain atmosphere in mind, you’re going to have to take your lighting options into account. Here are a few ideas to springboard from.

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is one of the best forms of lighting. Not only does it make things look like they’re fresh from an interior design Pinterest board, but it can also help to improve your mood, health, and wellbeing. So make sure that your home is flooded with the natural stuff! Now, this can be difficult if you’re in a property with limited windows, but changes can always be made. Minor and simple changes include removing items from your window ledges. This will stop light from being blocked out. You could also make use of floaty, net curtains rather than heavier, darker materials. If you want to go all out, however, take building works into account. You can have larger windows made or things like French doors fitted.This will open your rooms up more and will be worth every last penny.

Main Sources of Light

Every room in your property will have a main source of light. This is often left turned off during the days, but as the sun sets, we become pretty reliant on it! Now, standard ceiling roses just won’t do the trick if you want your design to shine. Consider alternative luxury lighting options. No matter the theme of your home, there will be something to suit. For the elegant there are chandeliers or for the more modern there are spotlights. For an authentic retro feel, there are oil style lamps. Take your time to search for the right option.


Alongside our main light sources, we have lamps. These offer more limited lighting but are perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere in the evening. So browse table lamps, free-standing lamps, and reading lamps. Once you’ve chosen one, remember that the bulb is the ultimate determining factor in what kind of light is emitted. A soft, warm glow is generally preferable. Don’t forget to keep the environment and your wallet in mind by choosing energy saving bulbs where possible. These are so popular that there will be something in the right size, shape, and watt easily available.

So, let there be light! Whether you’re moving into a new property, renovating your current home, or simply fancy sprucing things up a bit, there’s some sort of lighting option out there for you. Just take our sage advice into account, and every room in your room will be looking even better in next to no time!


Hope x

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