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September 4, 2016
A good handbag is all a girl needs to make her happy. It’s the statement accessory, the key to complete any outfit. With starting college meaning I’ll have a lot of folders to carry around, it was the perfect chance to splash out and get a sparkly new bag. Any excuse, right?

I visited an outlet which does the best designer clothes and makeup (AKA, heaven) but surprisingly, I wasn’t planning to spend. Well, that was until I came across this beauty. I’m sure you’ve experienced the utter exhilaration when you find something you’re totally in love with, it’s just sat on the shelf waiting for you to pick it up and you cannot leave until that item is yours. Now, I’m usually pretty good and can control the urge to splash out, but this time, it was impossible.

May I introduce the item of the day, the LYDC Framed Felt Grab Bag. Now, I’m a massive fan of totes, and this just made my day. The bag has a felt finish at the front in a deep grey which feels soft and sturdy and also a wonderful shined black back with excellent gold trims.

This is where it gets pretty unique. With the bag having contrasting black side panels, it also has an eye-catching blood-red flash inside, which is not only subtle but also incredibly beautiful. (It did remind me a little of Christian Louboutin, maybe that’s why I’m so in love). I shall let the pictures speak for themselves!

The bag comes with a shoulder strap, but that’s not the best part. With three compartments I can fit everything in here and because the bag is so structured you can say goodbye to rummaging through your bag to find a pen! I know this means I’ll throw in extra crap I don’t need because who doesn’t? We’ve all been there, I mean do we really need three hairbrushes or our whole makeup bag? Guilty.
 So, I’m now college ready! (As ready as I’ll ever be, apart from stressing over what outfit to wear, as always.) You can grab the bag here or check out LYDC for other cute totes!
Happy shopping,
Hope x
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