I Got Contact Lenses!

July 28, 2016
As many of you may know, I’m pretty much blind. Thanks to my parents, I was blessed with the worst eyes on the planet, and from the age of 11, I started wearing glasses. I was pretty upset when I was told I needed glasses, as you never know how people will react to you in high school, kids are cruel, and you’re easily put down. To be honest, it’s my fault my vision declined, as I didn’t properly wear my glasses for a couple of years as I felt that I could see perfectly. (A stubborn teenager, of course).

Over the past year, I’ve worn my glasses every day, all day. To be true, I hated them. My name has become well known in the opticians with the amount of glasses problems I’ve had recently, from the screws becoming loose to my glasses being sat on from Lewis (it was rather funny…). There’s nothing worse than the bridge of your glasses completely ruining your foundation on your nose or your eyelashes rubbing against the lenses. (I suppose that proves that Benefit mascara really is the best one out there, right?).

I’d had enough of depending on my glasses, always losing them around the house and being uncomfortable all the time. It was time for contact lenses.

I made the appointment for the next day and just decided to go for it. Yes, I was anxious, but I thought to myself ‘it’s for the best’. First of all, I got checked to see if my eyes were healthy enough and then it’s the tough part, actually trying to put the contacts in. I felt sorry for the poor lady as I was a bit pathetic, as a child, your Mum screams that you shouldn’t ever put things in your eyes. And now what are you doing? Poking around your eyeball and touching things you aren’t supposed to. I must have dropped the damn things about a million times, and then every time I got close, I stupidly blinked.

By the time I’d done, I had looked like I’d be crying for 3 hours, with my mascara smudged all over my face. Thank God for baby wipes. If you’re a glasses wearer, then please give contact lenses a try! I’ll admit, it’s not a comfortable sensation, but once they’re in, it’s totally worth it. Taking them out can get frustrating, and you panic that they’re going to be stuck in your eye forever, but keeping calm is key. Girl, make sure those nails are short because you’re going to scratch your eye out if not, lesson learnt.

So the conclusion? So far so good, I feel so much more free and they’re so comfortable. Of course, I can’t wear contacts all the time and there are a few cons but the pros completely outweigh the negatives. I’ll keep you guys updated on my eye journey!

Had contact lenses before? Let me know your experience in the comments.

Hope x

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