How Winter Ready Is Your Home?

October 20, 2017

When the summer was in full swing, most of us probably didn’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about winter. Even when we did it was perhaps with rose tinted specs, with the usual anticipation of festive gluttony and those red cups that Starbucks do which is necessary for some reason. What you likely won’t have spent much time wondering about is how winter ready your home is. And why would you? You had sun-drenched frolicking to do! But now the barbecue and garden party season is indeed behind us; we’re wondering what to dress up as for Halloween. It’s time to consider just how ready your home will be for the ravages of winter this year. 

While the Autumnal weather has taken a turn for the gloomier, we’re still a way away from the bitter chill of winter’s touch, so now’s the perfect time to perform some checks around the home and if something’s wrong you have ample time to fix it before winter sets in. Here are useful tests that you can carry out to ensure you aren’t left in the cold this season. 


When you turn your central heating on, do your radiators take an unusually long time to get warm? Do they get piping hot in some places, while remaining stone cold elsewhere? If your radiators aren’t radiating as well as they should be, there are several solutions open to you that can guarantee a warmer home and reduced energy bills.

  • Bleed them- Over time, air gets trapped in your radiators which are the most common cause of cold spots. Try bleeding them to see if it remedies the situation. Click here to find out how.
  • Use a radiator booster- Much of a radiator’s heat is often lost to the wall that supports it, where it’s not of much use to anyone. Radiator boosters sit atop your radiator and use a fan to push wasted heat back into the air where it belongs.
  • Use a radiator additive- It’s what’s inside that counts, and using a radiator additive like Endotherm is a useful way of keeping your radiator hotter or longer. It works by increasing the surface tension of the fluid inside the radiator. This enables for quicker and more efficient transfer of heat, making for a warmer and more evenly heated radiator.
  • Replace them- If you’ve tried all of the above and still aren’t having any luck, your radiators may need to be replaced. Use this as an opportunity to get yourself something altogether more efficient and stylish like the flat panel vertical radiators from Only Radiators. These will look better, work better and afford you more free space.

Is your boiler working correctly? 

Now’s the time to see if your boiler is still functioning as it should be. The last thing you want is for it to die on you during winter. Not only will you feel it’s absence, but fitters will be harder to come by and charge you extra. Signs that your boiler needs to replacing are the following. If it’s more than 15 years old and your home is taking longer to become warm. Or, your pilot light burns yellow instead of blue and it’s making strange noises; get onto replacing. 

Loft Insulation 

Nobody wants to climb into the loft, but it’s the best way to ensure it’s not had water damage. If you notice evidence of scratching or gnawing or animal droppings; as well as puddles or damp patches, your loft insulation needs replacing. Make sure it’s quickly before it starts letting all your home’s heat (and your money) out through the roof. 

Energy Efficient Windows 

Do you feel a slight breeze when you walk past your closed windows? If so, they may not be as energy efficient as you thought. Double glazed windows trump their single glazed counterparts, but not all double glazed windows are created equal.  The British Fenestration Rating Council have a formula for window efficiency that used in building regulations. The three factors are how well the windows stop heat from escaping and how well they stop drafts. As well as, how well it absorbs the free heat energy provided naturally by the sun. 

Be warm this winter,


Hope x

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  • Gladys parker says:

    I was trying to forget that winter was coming although I did need a reminder. I have a very old house with an apartment on top that my son lives in. Double the trouble when it comes time to check out everything and get it ready for winter. We actually have to put plastic over our windows during these NY winters.

  • Jen Temcio says:

    We don’t have a radiator but we do have double paned windows. We still put plastic over them though since they can be drafty. It is getting chilly here in Illinois so we have a lot to do to get winter ready.

  • This is definitely useful list to check out. I am always cold in the winter, no matter what temperature is. So I need to well prepare my home.

  • Ruthie Ridley says:

    Wow, a lot of things I never think about as a renter but these are useful tips!!! Thank you!

  • Kelly Reci says:

    These are very helpful guide and ideas! Most of the people never thought how to be ready when the winter is come.

  • Tami Qualls says:

    I honestly have no idea what a radiator booster or additive is. I’m hoping my hubby knows and tends to all of this. If not, he’s going to have a few new items on the honey list.

  • Heather says:

    Great reminders. Taking care of these things now means a more comfortable winter. I hadn’t realized it would mean less expense also.

  • >