How To Take The Perfect Picture

June 8, 2016
Photography isn’t the easiest thing in the world, the number of camera settings can become overwhelming, and you feel like giving up, especially if you’re inexperienced. Photography is all about learning and finding your style, for me it was easy to pick up, and I’m going to share with you the top 5 tips you’ll need to create the perfect picture. It should be fun, there’s nothing quite like grabbing your camera and going on a day out, snapping away at anything in front of you, so let’s go.
Have a Good Camera
You can’t take the perfect image unless your camera/phone is high quality. Make sure you clean your camera or lens on a daily basis to get rid of any dust that might affect your pictures and always have a camera strap to keep around your neck. I swap between my iPhone 6 and Canon 750D and sometimes a phone can produce excellent images as long as you take care of it.
I always take pictures during the day when the sun is out and avoid false light as this can make the image look yellowish, and it’s harder to edit. Good lighting instantly makes the image quality higher, and the image as a whole is more appealing. I tend to take my pictures close to a window or outside.
Angles and Positioning
If you’re taking pictures of products or any objects then don’t be afraid to move them around and have a play; positioning is all about finding what you like and making it look as natural as possible. I either take my photos directly above a product or go on an angle and zoom into something that I want to be obvious; it works every time.
Use Accessories and Backdrops
As you can tell from my images on Instagram, I always have a subtle background and incorporate accessories into my image to make it more homely and relaxed. Get items such as fake flowers, magazines, and bunting to make it more eye-catching. For the background, get wallpaper samples or fabrics and make sure you lie them on a flat surface.
The most important part of a picture is the aftermath. How are you going to edit it to make it look even better? I use the app on my phone called Snapseed, and you can find out how I use it here. On my Macbook, I use Photoshop, which can be a difficult programme to use, but it just takes practise. I tend to brighten my pictures and make them more vibrant; I also make the background a lot lighter so it makes the item stand out more. Over time you’ll find your editing style, I enjoy editing as you can play around and find some great filters/effects.
So there you have it, you now know my secret. Who wouldn’t want to know five easy steps to get the perfect Instagram-worthy image? If you have any hidden tips, then please do let me know in the comments below.
Enjoy the sunshine,
Hope x

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