How To Survive A Long Distance Relationship

April 18, 2016

Any of you who are in a relationship will know some of the ups and downs you go through and how sometimes it can get difficult. Now add distance into the equation and it is x10 worse.
I for one am in a long distance relationship and I’ll be honest, it’s hard. You can’t see each other in your time of need and the whole waiting game to see each other can feel like years. Many people ask me how I do it and what I do to make it work, so here is some advice.

What keeps me going the most is when I know when I’m next going to see my boyfriend. Keeping dates free and buying train/plane tickets early makes it seem more realistic and you’ll feel more excited than sad. Make sure you plan places to go when you’re with them too, that way you can spend quality time together and make lots of memories.

Take pictures

My boyfriend and I both love photography but even if you don’t, it doesn’t matter. Taking lots of pictures and videos of each other and when you’re out will help a lot to look back on when you’re not with them. It may bring a sense of sadness but you’ll also feel a warm feeling inside as it brings back happy memories.
Keep busy
Just because you aren’t with your loved doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to do much. Make plans with friends and family to distract your mind. You can still enjoy yourself without them and sometimes you need reminding of that. Everyone needs some time alone and this gives you a chance to treat yourself and relax. If you’re having a hard day missing them, then get a bath, read a book and have an early night. It’s the best cure, I promise.
Have a system

With a long distance relationship, you must make sure you have a secure way of communicating. Whether it being messaging apps, text messaging or video calling, you need to make sure it’s an ongoing thing. Without this the relationship will fail, it’s not like you can talk to each other in person so this is the most vital piece of advice. Personally, I use a messaging app and have a phone call every night. The phone calls become very important and special to both of you and you feel happy after you’ve had one, every single day.


Being in a long distance relationship can make your mind run wild at times. Questions like ‘what are they doing’ can pop into your mind without you even realising. Deep down, you know that everything is okay but the fact that you can’t check up on them can get a little overwhelming. The key is to re-evaluate your thoughts and think positive. Any worries you have then talk to your partner,  trust is vital, it’s the only way you can get through it.
In my opinion, long distance is a lot more challenging, it takes a certain type of person to manage being in one but it’s so worth it. I love every second being in my relationship and I wouldn’t change it for the world.
Any of you in a long distance relationship? Comment your tips below!

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