How To Manage Thick Hair

March 12, 2017

How I Manage Thick Hair

I don’t know whether you’d call it a pro or a con but I was born with the thickest, waviest hair in the world. To me, it’s a pain in the ass. To you, it’s probably what you dream of. The daily struggle of hair bobbles snapping, bobby pins being stretched because the hair is too OOT and having to blow dry your hair for 45 minutes and then giving up because it’s not cooperating. Oh, the struggle. If you’re a thick haired gal too, you’ll know my pain so here are some simple tips to calm your weave and to manage thick hair.

Hair brushes 

A throwback to the times when Mum loved to yank my hair out on a daily basis and make my eyes water while she drags my hair into a tight pony. Johnson’s No Tear Shampoo? More like leave you bald and crying. Plastic brushes for your thick frizz is a no-no, but one thing that I’ve found that works the most is a Tangle Teezer. The short and flexible bristles are gentle on delicate hairs, and you can even use them on wet hair!

The curse of a choppy cut 

Every girl who has thick hair will understand that if our hair were to get the chop, we’d end up looking like Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons. We all love the adorable pixie cuts and the choppy fringes, but with a ridiculous wave and the risk of it raining, it’s dangerous. Apparently, there is a cure. (Which will probably last three weeks, but hey, you’re supposed to experiment with your hair in your teens & the 20’s.) By having layers on a chin-length cut can remove the fluffiness, and a wax or balm on the ends of the hair can weigh your ‘do down but with a natural look.


Every stylist’s advice when dealing with thick hair would be to have long length layers. The main rule is to keep them longer than the cheek bones. Layers are not only easier to manage, but they also provide movement and texture and can help thin it out. The only downside? Plaits and your trustworthy top knot will have to rely on more bobby pins and hairspray! 

Use the right tools 

It sounds so simple, but many of us don’t know what we should be using on our hair type. For thick hair, it’s important that you have a decent hair dryer that provides the right wattage and the fastest drying time. We’ve all been there where our scalp is burning off yet our hair is still absolutely drenched. Not fun! Personally, I’d recommend the Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer. This little saviour is healthier for the hair as it alternates high and weaker air flows which can separate hair strands which results in the hair drying more efficiently. It also makes your hair incredibly smooth and looks like it’s been freshly straightened. Perfection! 

So many people may envy us for our luscious locks but maybe we can rock them in style with these handy tricks! Do you have any hair hacks?


Hope x






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