How To Make Easter Egg Cards DIY

April 13, 2017

Getting Creative This Easter 

Easter is just around the corner now, so I hope you’re all ready to stuff your faces with chocolate! I love this time of year purely because it’s beginning to get warmer, everyone seems happier, and the baby lambs are too cute. I don’t do DIY’s often so I thought I’d put my creativity skills to the test this week and make Easter cards. Glitter, glueing, cutting and sticking; here is your DIY on making Easter egg cards.

You will need: 

Coloured card



Patterned paper



Any other relevant decorations

Step 1 

Firstly, get your chosen card, fold it in half and then draw an oval shape onto it. You can do this by using a stencil or if you’re brave enough then go free-hand. Next, you need to cut around the oval and voila, you now have your Easter egg card.

Step 2 

Take your patterned pieces of paper and cut thin strips out of them. In my case, I had some paper that had rabbits, and little flowers on. I cut these out individually so I could stick them onto my egg and jazz it up. I managed to grab some cute ‘Happy Easter’ stickers in an art store so stuck those down to make it more themed. Alternatively, you can scrunch up shredded paper and stick it onto the middle of your Easter egg card and then get little yellow pom-poms and stick them onto the paper. Add googly eyes, and suddenly, you have the most adorable chick nest.

Step 3 

Once your decorating has been completed, it’s time to write! Grab one of your favourite pens and send them to your friends/family. These are even great as decorations for the special occasion and would look great on shelves or the mantlepiece.


Have fun this Easter looking at the blooming daffodils, walking in the sunshine and feeling sick with chocolate! We all know that I’ll be needing to go to the gym again (damn it!).


Hope x


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