How To Lose Weight After The Festive Period

December 29, 2016

Hello, Lovelies! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I feel like we’ve reached the point in December where we don’t know what day it is or what we should be doing. I keep staring at the Christmas chocolate feeling half guilty, but at the same time, I’m cramming it in my face just so it’s gone and I can start over in January. I’ve eaten double my body weight anyway, so what difference is it going to make?

Because we’re all feeling fat and sluggish, I thought I’d give you a few tips to get out of this hole and to contribute to making you feel healthier for the new year. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that I hate the gym with a passion, so trust me, if they’re Hope friendly, then they’re friendly for you too.

Step 1 

Start drinking water and flush that system out. Okay, so water can be kinda boring sometimes, and it’s easy to pick up that can of coke and get sipping but in the long run, you just feel even more bloated. 2 litres of water a day is sufficient to get rid of all of the toxins, and it helps you to lose water weight as we surprisingly gain water weight over the festive period. If you can’t stand water then try to add cucumbers, raspberries and strawberries, this will make your H2O not as tasteless!

Step 2 

Green veggies = good stuff. Lettuce, peas and broccoli are full of vitamins and low in calories which means you can pretty much eat as much as you want and you’ll easily be full. If you find these boring alone, then add a few herbs and spice up your dish.

Step 3 

You always hear your parents rave on about how good fruit is for you, and personally, I don’t eat enough. I’ve noticed that with girls especially, they tend to fill their faces with all of these delicious rainbow filled bowls but don’t realise that fruits are full of sugars. Okay, so the sugars are natural, but they’re prone to rotting teeth because of the citric acid. Fruit is actually nutritionally reluctant due to not having all the vitamins we need to survive. 

Step 4 

Get active. Yes, I even want to cry while typing those two awful words. The only way to lose that excess weight or to feel better about yourself is to get up off the sofa and get outside. Whether it’s cardio, weight training or simply walking around instead of driving, it’s better than being a couch potato.

Step 5

Apps can be extremely helpful when it comes to fitness, and one, in particular, is MyFitnessPal which is free and helps you track your calorie intake and also calculates how many calories you need to consume to lose weight. It’s your own fitness journal and the fact that you can scan barcodes of food products makes it perfect as it informs you of everything you need to know.
So continue to stuff your face with that Christmas chocolate and truly savour it before kicking 2017’s butt.
Hope x

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  • Hope,

    I'm normally a huge fan of your blog and love your writing style, but I have to say I'm a bit disappointed with this post. Not because it's badly written, but because the content of it is so focussed around society's pressure to look thin and lose weight. We have such an awful dieting culture and it's so easy to get caught up in the "New Year, New You" fitness campaigns and crash diets. While a lot of your tips (drinking lots of water, eating a healthy diet and getting some more exercise) are very positive and healthy, your last tip is actually promoting very unhealthy habits. Counting calories and focusing or relying on those numbers to help you lose weight is incredibly unhealthy and can lead to some really disordered habits surrounding food as well.

    I'm not saying apps are awful. There are a lot of health and fitness apps that I would recommend if you really think it's necessary to lose weight or get fit. CouchTo5k, Seven (7 minute workouts) and Yoga Workouts are a few of my personal favourites. They add variation and you can switch up the potential monotony of a workout routine, but counting calories is a disaster waiting to happen. It quite often leads to some form of malnourishment and also promotes unhealthy habits that can lead to the development of eating disorders or unhealthy food or exercise habits. People get so caught up in meeting calorie goals or reducing the number they're eating that they forget to eat the right KINDS of food. Obviously, if you're trying to lose some weight then one way of doing that is smaller portions, but counting every calorie (while it may make you feel guilty if you cheat or go over your "recommendation") doesn't help you focus on the most important thing. A balanced diet. Including protein, carbs, fruit, veg, dairy… people get caught up in believing that cutting out food groups is good for you too, but no. For example, you're right that fruits contain a lot of sugars, but they're NATURAL sugars from unprocessed, healthy foods. In moderation, they should definitely be part of a balanced diet… and I think that's the key; everything is healthy in moderation. Even eating "unhealthy" foods in moderation is healthy for you for an overall balanced diet.

    Be careful with getting caught up in the diet culture of fixating on calories. Please don't fall into the trap of thinking that "fat" is the worst thing you can be, or that you have to lose weight after Christmas, or that you can't feel healthier without making drastic changes in your lifestyle, diet and exercise routines in the New Year. You are a wonderful person. You are unique, you are special. You have a talent for writing and your passions clearly shine through in what you write. However, your self-worth and who you are as a person are NOT defined by your weight or shape or anything else. They are defined by who you are, your personality, how you act and how you choose to treat those around you. Don't let the pressure of society change that. Don't get caught up in the trap of falling into an unhealthy spiral while trying to become "healthy". Health can come from the simple tips that you initially outlined.
    The most beautiful people I know are the people who learn to love themselves the way they are and who have a shining personality, not the people who are stick-thin, or who fit society's definition of "beautiful". Just something to think about…!!

    I hope you have a good New Year and a wonderful 2017… and please don't become any less YOU.

  • Also, I'd like to add that I'm really not trying to criticise your post. I'm merely stating this out of concern about a widespread "healthy" societal pressure and a personal opinion about how unhealthy it can be. I don't think you're unhealthy now but of course I respect any decisions you make about deciding to change any parts of your lifestyle. Like yourself, I am also passionate about raising awareness of mental health and my comment was partly focussing from that aspect too, as I'm sure you can appreciate that the pressures of society can definitely exacerbate pre-existing anxiety disorders or other mental health conditions. X

  • Hope says:

    Hi Izzy,

    I appreciate your comment and your views and thank you for the support on my blog! However, I would like to add that as a Health & Social Care student, I've realised how important it is to check what is in food and to understand the importance of what you are putting inside of your body. This doesn't mean becoming obsessed with fat and sugars which will lead to developing mental health problems. However, your daily calorie intake is there for a reason and that is to reduce the risk of serious health conditions and to look after yourself. Not everyone will use the apps and that is fine, it's completely optional but it will definitely help people who visit the gym or need to check their foods for gluten etc. These apps are designed to support a range of people and if someone has a high BMI then it can support them in getting back on track.

    Society is harsh on weight but at the end of the day, this post was purely to lightheartedly guide someone into feeling healthier again as Christmas is known to make you feel sluggish and unhealthy. This post isn't about 'New Year, New You', it's simply providing tips. I feel as if you've thought too deeply about this as there are true people out there who really want to change their lifestyle for the better.

    I hope you can understand and I appreciate your comment.

    Hope x

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