How To Do A Messy Bun

May 19, 2016
It has been displayed on social media for quite some time and everyone is doing it. Messy buns. Whether you’re going out for the day, going for a meal or just chilling at home, this is a hairstyle you can dress up or down with minimal effort. I have crazy thick hair (as I like to call noodle hair) and find a lot of the tutorials online tough, almost impossible to do and it can become very frustrating. So for any thick haired girls out there, this one is for you! 
What you’ll need: 
Tangle teezer / any brush
2 hair bobbles 
A pack of hair grips 
Dry shampoo 
Step 1 
Before we begin, this hairstyle is better a couple of days after you’ve washed your hair. Personally, I feel like my hair is better and it’s a lot easier to do. First of all, brush your hair to remove any knots but don’t do it too much because it’s harder to handle, we don’t want any fly-aways! You may feel like it doesn’t need to be brushed that much at all so thats fine too. 
Step 2 
Add dry shampoo if needed, this way it adds texture to your hair and makes it look refreshed. Simply spray where needed but make sure you aim 30cm away from your head to avoid the white and chalky look. (It’s so annoying when that happens!) Massage thoroughly with your fingertips and cover all of the roots. 
Step 3 
Separate your hair into your middle parting at the front, or which ever way your hair falls. Then brush your hair at the back downwards (your crown). This shouldn’t be too hard because it’s the way your hair naturally falls, the only thing you’re doing is brushing the whole section of hair at the back. It will feel strange at first!
Step 4 
Put your hair bobbles on your wrist and then grab all of your hair and put it into a ponytail. Do not change the parting you have just made, do not scrape it all back either. We want the middle parting to be apparent right at the front. Do any necessary adjusting but make sure your hair looks like the picture above. 
Step 5 
Once your ponytail is secure, you’re going to twist your ponytail over and over again until tight and then wrap it around the top of your head in a circular motion. This will create a doughnut shape. Tuck in any excess hair and keep going until all of your hair is in this shape. It may look ridiculous but don’t worry at this stage! Make sure you tie your hair up into the bun now, you may need another hair bobble. 
Step 6 
Secure any loose bits of hair with hair grips and pull out any baby hairs. Pull at your bun to make it bigger and messier. With the hair at the sides, try and pull out bits around the edge and make it that little bit looser. This creates an effortless look. By playing around, you’re going to find the look that you really like. Once you’ve finished, spray hairspray where needed. You can make this as messy or neat as you’d like. 
There you have it, 6 easy steps to a stylish but uncomplicated look. Piece of cake! This will take some practise but stay patient. If I can do it then any of you can do it, no matter what ball of fluff that lies on top of your head. 
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Have a great day, Lovelies 
Hope x 

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