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July 22, 2016
Everyone has a bad day but for those with mental health issues, the bad day can become increasingly challenging. Sometimes we have to feel awful to overcome certain issues but what if it’s one of those days where you really can’t cope? Trust me; we’ve been there. You’re restless; you’re feeling sick and most of all, you feel like you want to crawl back under the duvet. Stop yourself, as Jade and I have some of the best tips to cope from personal experience.

Do everything at your own rate to minimise stress. There’s nothing worse than feeling panicky and going along with plans you aren’t comfortable with, if you aren’t ready yet then don’t do it.
Mental health is all about pushing past barriers to make you beat the illness. Sometimes, you have to do things no matter how bad you’re feeling, and once you’ve done it, it then becomes easier over time.
Eating will be the least of your worries, but an empty stomach can make you feel much worse. Anxiety makes the digestive system work faster, meaning you’re losing energy so snacking on healthier foods can improve how you’re feeling.

If you’re panicking about something that is happening later on in the day, then distract yourself as much as possible. Phone a friend, have a bath or read a book (better yet, read our blogs!), this can help you take your mind off what’s worrying you and can help all of the irrational thoughts disappear.
Focus on the moment

Mindfulness is something I’ve learnt in therapy and can help depending on the situation. Focus on your surroundings, for example, take a flower; what colour is it, what does it look like, how does it feel? These questions distract your mind and bring you back to reality. Breathing and awareness of your body will release tension and give you a sense of clarity.

Spend time doing the things you love and enjoy doing

I’ve noticed that in the past, I’ve stopped thinking about myself and have gone along with things for other people’s sake. Now, this is okay to a certain extent, but you have to make room for me time and stand up for yourself whenever you need to. Live for yourself, make you happy, it doesn’t matter what others think.

Ask for help if you need it

Please don’t be afraid to seek support! Many people suffer in silence but communication is essential. If something is bothering you then tell and a friend or someone close to you, there’s nothing to be scared about, and I’ve been there. I felt so much better getting things off my chest and seeking medical help is nothing to be ashamed of, it means you’re strong enough to beat whatever you’re going through.

I hope you’ve found this post helpful, and make sure you check out Jade’s top tips on her blog too!

How do you cope on a bad day?

Stay smiling,
Hope x

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