Why High School Isn’t As Important As You Think

April 3, 2017

School Stress? 

It gets to this time of the year where every teenager within high school starts stressing because of the endless amounts of revision and pressure that they’re put under. Coursework must be completed, your attendance has to be top notch, and you have to revise every day for all 12 subjects that you study. It’s completely impossible. As an individual who suffered during high school, my message to you is, don’t sweat it.

Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t go to school and quit what you’re doing because it’s stupid, but the educational system within the UK is extremely tough on teens. School don’t care if you’re feeling unwell, they don’t care if you have family problems or are struggling. All that matters to them is that you get good exam grades, so it looks like they’re outstanding. So, the school has great pass rates? Fantastic. But how do they treat their pupils?


My experience 

During exam period within my high school, I fell ill. I had a lot of family problems and combined with the pressure from teachers; I couldn’t cope. Every teacher within education will tell you that you need the grades. In other words, if you don’t, you’ll be unsuccessful and won’t get anywhere with your life. Apparently, it’s essential to get an A in Maths because algebra is going to make an appearance on a daily basis *eye roll*. At the end of the day, not everyone is good at exams so students shouldn’t be put down for failing. Coursework? No problem. Any exam? Panic attack central.

I’d approached staff members about my mental health, but it came across as if they didn’t believe me and I was just a little bit ‘worried’. I felt ridiculous as if I was over-dramatic. It then dawned on me that they were willing to grind my down to the point where I was so weak that I couldn’t leave the house. That’s exactly what happened. It got to the point where headteachers were knocking on my door every day. They would post work through the letter box and try to see me to ‘assess’ my health even though I already had a doctors note. Did I get the grades I wanted? Not really.

My message 

My message to anyone who is struggling with school is to try and not take the pressure on board. Don’t listen to the nagging teachers who are getting angered because their subject is your weakness. Even though I couldn’t do my best and I even missed a year out of education, I’m back on track. Now I’m doing health and social care and training to be a nurse so who is the real winner? Grades cannot determine your life. People cannot judge you based on a piece of paper with letters.


Hope x

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