Healthy Snacks That Actually Taste Good? | The Protein Ball Co. Review

August 21, 2016
Summer seems to encourage me to eat a healthier diet but with my downfall being snacking, I’ve struggled recently. Chocolate, brownies, Starbucks, crisps and biscuits are just a few snacks I’m tempted by. I do make myself eat an apple every day, but it’s so boring, and I don’t enjoy it. How good would it be to eat a snack that is not only healthy but actually tastes good? I don’t want protein powder tastes or to feel like I’m eating rabbit food, something that satisfies the sweet cravings would be perfect, so when I found The Protein Ball Co. you can understand my excitement.

The Protein Ball Co. is a snack company aimed at people with a sweet tooth who can’t resist good snacks. The benefits, however, are that they’re packed with healthy proteins so you can enjoy your little nibbles guilt free.
Other advantages include:

Hard to believe, right? These little balls of goodness come in a range of different flavours, peanut butter, lemon & pistachio, cherry & almond, goji & coconut and cacao & orange to name a few. (Peanut butter being the ultimate favourite, of course!) So what are you waiting for?
The Protein Ball Co. make sure they have you in mind first, they may add a little naughtiness sometimes, like chocolate and nuts but you’ve got to allow yourself a little bit of deliciousness! I love putting these on porridge, pancakes or just to take them on the go, with 6 generous sized balls per bag you’ll be full and content.

Head to Holland & Barratt or other health shops to get your supply of yumminess! Trust me, you won’t look back.
Hope x
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