Gookie Dough | Your Childhood Dream Come True

June 27, 2017

Remember hovering around your Grandma, dying to lick the spoon after stirring your favourite chocolate chip cookie dough and secretly not wanting it to actually go in the oven. After all, it tastes way better raw. Remember the crunch, the creaminess and the little dance your taste buds performed when it hit your tongue. Remember being told to not eat anymore because you’ll be sick. Well, here’s your childhood dream come true with Gookie Dough!

What is Gookie Dough? 

Gookie Dough is a delicious jar which is jam packed with cookie dough goodness. The idea stemmed from Anja and Olly who are cookie dough mad who wanted to provide you with eggless dough which will meet your sweet cravings. Not only that but this isn’t your average cookie, it’s gourmet. Ooh, posh! Flavours are the following:


Traditional Cookie Dough

Triple Chocolate Fudge


Red Velvet

Please say you’re as excited as I am?

Taste Test 

Now, you can’t get sent these jars of perfection and not have a taste test (which results in the whole pot disappearing). May I just add my apologies because you will find that the Triple Chocolate Fudge isn’t as full as the rest and that was because I was enjoying my spoonfuls a little too much…not guilty at all! If you love gooeyness, extra chocolate chips, white chocolate, every cocoa under the sun, then this one is for you. This gorgeous delight melts on your tongue and all of the different chocolates explode to create this rich texture. Absolute foodporn.

Then, of course, we have traditional cookie dough. Now, this is one of my favourites because it brings back those memories of childhood. The crunch of the sugar between your teeth, the butter melting away and the gorgeous chocolate chips. Heaven in a jar.

Red Velvet. Forget cake goals and think cookie goals! Luscious red Belgian cocoa and heavenly Madagascan vanilla frosting, this will not disappoint. This gem was 100% mouthwatering, dribble worthy. It had a more subtle texture compared to the others so seemed to feel less sickly and sugary. It’s most certainly red velvet by name and red velvet by nature! Again, not good for my waistline.

FUNFETTI! You don’t understand my excitement. Rainbow sprinkles, white chocolate chips and plain cookie dough. It’s like a majestic unicorn explosion. The most addictive by far and the most pretty. Sprinkles make everything better! Think birthday cake, this vanilla flavoured cookie dough is layered goodness and is a party in a tub.

The ideas are endless

Stuff between 2 giant baked cookies for the ultimate cookie dough sandwich, shove on pancakes or ice cream. Alternatively, do a Hope move and devour it straight out of the jar. Ben & Jerries? Pft, no thank you, I’ve moved up in the world. Find this viral goodness here and make sure you grab yourself some tubs!

In love and 80% made of cookie right now.


Hope x



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