Why Wearing Glasses Sucks

June 20, 2017

So, I’m currently melting in the sunshine, England cannot handle 30 degrees, trust me. At the moment, the foundation I applied this morning is non-existant and I have my very own highlighter. AKA sweat, gross. To top it all off, glasses are the bane of my existence. I see bloggers wearing fake ones all the time and saying how trendy they are. Yeah, they are when they’re optional, but I’m not enjoying them sliding down my face and having a beautiful specs tan line.

Where are they?

The downfall about being extremely short-sighted is that looking for something is the most challenging task. Looking for your glasses is mission impossible and to be honest, you’re better off buying a new pair in the time it takes you. You look insane trying touching everything to feel for the lenses.


It’s the battle of either putting up with the sun in your eyes or wearing non-prescription sunglasses and dealing with walking around and bumping into things due to your blindness. Trendy or practical?



Pool splashes? Suncream smears? The joys. If I get splashed one more time by your water pistol, I’m likely gonna scream. Suncream, you are my enemy. I’ve been waiting for what feels like years for them to create a magical suncream with no grease or transfer so I don’t have to clean my glasses everytime I push them up.

The glasses-less selfie challenge 

Not every day is a contact lens day and when you think your makeup is pretty fleeky and you want to take that selfie for Instagram, it may take some time. Let’s just say that I can’t see my phone if it’s 10 centimetres away and I don’t think spectacles are always selfie material. (Especially if you want to show off that liner) You think you’ve got the most banging selfie, look at your phone close up and realise that it’s definitely moving to the delete folder. The struggles.

Anyone else out there feels my pain in the summer heat?


Hope x




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