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May 31, 2016
Cafe’s to me, are somewhere you can unwind, see friends or visit with family, they’re relaxing and informal so there is no pressure. I’ve always enjoyed visiting new cafe’s, from trying milkshakes to bacon sandwiches to cake slices, I’m usually not disappointed. Recently, a new cafe opened in Grantham, which I adore.
The Picture Cafe is an industrial looking, fashionable cafe that appeals to anyone, it’s diverse and never fails to disappoint. When you walk in you’re overwhelmed with the atmosphere, the decor is unreal, from pictures to fairy lights, it’s so colourful, and you feel at home. The bright chairs, chandeliers, steel stools and beautiful accessories all play a part in its uniqueness. Despite all of the busyness, you feel calm; it’s somewhere you can do work, hang with friends or even have a quiet coffee and a bit of ‘me’ time.
I nipped in for brunch with my boyfriend, Lewis, this bank holiday Monday. In Grantham, there isn’t anything to do so it makes a change that we can now go somewhere nice for a drink and some decent food. We took a seat at the window ‘breakfast bar’ and had the view of the main road in Grantham; this chair is perfect for privacy or if you’re a bit of a people watcher like me! There’s nothing quite like watching the world go by. I must admit, it was more crowded in there as we were heading more towards lunch time, this can sometimes make my anxiety elevate, however, I was surprised as I managed to stay calm and have a superb time.
The ordering process was straightforward, I ordered the ‘Posh’ cheese on toast and hot chocolate, while Lewis ordered the Sweet chilli chicken, mozzarella and rocket panini. I was surprised at how little time it took to make, considering how busy it was getting and it soon arrived at our table! The Picture Cafe’s presentation of the food was incredible, beautiful wooden boards, rocket salad and the finest ingredients. Originally I wanted the standard cheese on toast, but I messed up my order (whoops!), but I am so glad I did! This cheese on toast had three types of cheeses and chive & apple chutney which was all melted to perfection in the oven. This is not an order I would ever go for, so this was the best mistake ever, see for yourself!
I only tried a mouthful of Lewis’, but yet again, the presentation was excellent. I always get worried about spicy dishes in restaurants as not everyone can tolerate them but in this case, it was the perfect amount of spice with tender chicken and full of flavour! Certainly one of the best paninis’s I’ve tried.
The hot chocolate was slathered in cream and marshmallows just the way I like it. (I can’t resist anything chocolate!) It wasn’t too hot which was ideal as I hate burning my tongue on warm drinks. Just the right amount of creaminess, it was gone in seconds. I was in food heaven!
If you’re ever in Lincolnshire and need a bite to eat then I’d certainly recommend The Picture Cafe, both located in Bingham and Grantham. You can follow them here. Who doesn’t love a nice sit-down and good food after all? The best brunch I’ve ever had! What did you get up to this Bank Holiday? Let me know in the comments below.
Hope x

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