Five Tips to Make Your Home Greener and More Stylish

December 7, 2017

If you are long overdue a home improvement, you might want to implement some green ideas in your design, to show your appreciation for the planet, and make your house more energy-efficient. There are several benefits of green home improvements; you will add more value to your home, feel better about your project, and save money on heating bills at the same time. Below you can find five tips on how to make your home greener.

Improve Insulation

The first thing you need to do to preserve energy is to make sure that all your windows and doors are effective in insulating your home. You might have double glazing all around your home, but the efficiency of your doors and windows could have been reduced over the years. Make sure that there are no broken seals. Check if your double glazed glass is steamed up inside, you might need to replace them. Even if your windows are working fine, they let some heat out.

Add Thermal Curtains or Shutters

Even if your windows and doors work effectively, you will lose heat through them. Check out wooden shutter blinds for bay windows by S:CRAFT to see how you can make a statement with wooden shutters while preventing heat loss at night. Thermal curtains can also add an extra layer of insulation, and make your home look warmer and more stylish. A little investment can help you save hundreds on your energy bills.

Improve Your Heating Schedule

If you have a thermostat in your home, that is a great way of making sure you don’t heat your home and waste energy. If you work during the day, you should be keeping the temperature at a low level for this time, and turn it on when you arrive home. A simple timer solution that you can use to program your heating on weekdays and weekends can help you eliminate unnecessary heating costs and save the planet. Think twice before using electricity and gas without really needing it.

Improve By Getting An Energy Efficient Shower

We all love a great shower after a hard day at work. However, some of them will use too much electricity. The good news is that you can get your power shower and save energy if you choose the right product. Look for a design that suits your bathroom and your budget, and enjoy your daily shower, knowing that your little luxury doesn’t affect the environment.


If you are a creative person, you can think about upcycling, instead of buying a new set of furniture every time your taste changes. Sofas, for example, are all non-recyclable. After a few years, however, most households buy a new one. If you can rescue a side table or chair by getting a local artist to create a unique design, you will not only save money but also help reduce waste.

Whether you are a person who is looking to make their home improvements increase their property value or a person concerned by global warming, the above tips will help you save money and preserve energy at the same time.

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