Feeling Unsettled In Your New Home? Try These Tricks To Make Your House Feel Like Home

October 8, 2017

Moving into a new home can make you feel a bit unsettled, and not just because your life is in a load of boxes. Being in a new house can make you feel like this purely because it’s a new space that you are unfamiliar with. In your previous home, you were able to navigate it in the dark, find the light switch on the first try and know where the wifi drops out. Now you have to spend the next month or so moving your furniture around, working out the heating as there are no instructions, and figuring out just how you are going to fit your seven-foot bookcase up the stairs. But there are ways to help make your house feel more like home sooner.


As crazy as it sounds, unpacking is the best thing to do. Having your stuff around you adds familiarity to the new house. You can also trigger the ‘nesting’ hormone which will make you want to do all you can to make it a home. Having boxes dotted around the place will make you feel like you are in limbo, not quite moved in but not moving out. It’s a visual reminder that you are in an unfamiliar place.


Putting out your photo frames will help to make the house feel like home. Seeing familiar faces of friends and family will make the place seem more homely. If you are worried about hanging photos before you have decided on the positions of your furniture, then hang them with adhesive strips, so you can move them around if need be.


Burning your favourite scents in the house gets rid of that ‘just cleaned and packaging’ smell left over from the move. The smell will make you feel more at ease and again will create a sense of familiarity.


Making a house homely can be as simple as making it inviting. One of the easiest ways of doing this is to fill your home with comfy things like cushions and throws. The soft furnishings work in the same way as a soft bed invites you to lie down.


Getting a pet will make the place feel homely very quickly. You will have an obligation to looking after something within the home, and it will be their home as much as yours. If you don’t want to get a big pet, then get something like fish. An aquatics world 20-litre fish tank isn’t that big, and fish still need looking after as much as a cat. If you already have a pet, they will adjust to the new environment quicker than you will, which in turn will help you to adapt quickly too.


Inviting people into your new house is an excellent way of making it start to feel like a home. The act of filling the house, preparing for visitors and creating new memories will again trigger that nesting hormone, and you will find yourself showing off your new home and learning to love it. 


Hope x






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