Every Girls Thoughts At The Hairdressers

September 30, 2016
It’s that time again where I made the dreaded trip to the hairdressers. Is it just me who doesn’t enjoy it? There’s something about the hairdressers which isn’t pleasant, is it because of my never ended ball of frizz on the top of my head or is it because I feel like my scalp is bleeding from the pull of the comb? Or perhaps because I’m in there for what seems like centuries. Either way, I hate it!
While I was sat in the chair of doom today, I noticed that I have the same thoughts every time I go for a chop so I can’t be the only girl who thinks the same. Here are the thoughts us girlies get at the hairdressers!
1 – I didn’t want that drink, but I said yes. Damn it.

2 – Wait, how am I going to drink my cup of tea because the hairdresser said I needed to stay as still as possible?

3 – Ouch! Can you not pull so hard. (Eyes streaming)

4 – Hmm, my hairdresser’s hair is surprisingly bad 

5 –  Please don’t judge my dandruff 

6 – Why are other clients staring at me?

7 – WOAH! I didn’t want it that short!

8 – I’m gonna have no hair left by the time I get out of here. 

9 – This awkward silence is uncomfortable, I hate small talk. 

10 – I want to go on my phone but what if she looks over my shoulder, I don’t want to be known as the candy crush saddo. 

11. Please don’t bother styling, it’ll be wrecked as soon as I leave. 
12 – Numb bum. 

13 – This cape is kinda strangling me.

14 – Magazines from 2006? Nice.
15 – Wow, why is my hair so static? 
16 – I have neck ache, can I look up yet? 
17 – Oh, my tea is cold. 
18 – Okay, the mirror is out! Yeah, it looks good from the back, I think.
19 – Oh god, she’s taken so much off the ends. 
20 – Never getting my hair cut again. 

I go through this process every single time I go to the hairdressers! Is it because they’re lengthy appointments or is it purely because it’s too awkward? Once I’ve been, I always think ‘ooh definitely going to get it dyed next time’ but in reality, that’s twice as bad! 
Don’t tell me you haven’t experienced this too?
Hope x

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  • Thanks for all the advice! Well made blog! Congrats!

    Dani. | Swissblogger

  • Haha this is so true! I hate going to the hairdressers, I feel like we are constantly get lost in translation lol


  • Hope says:

    I love the feeling after the hairdressers but it'll always be a bad experience! I'm glad someone feels the same haha

    Hope X

  • This was spot on! I avoid the hairdressers like the plague because of all of these things. The drink thing made me laugh as well, that always happens to me and then I'm stuck with the drink haha


  • Hope says:

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who avoids the hairdressers for months! X

  • >