Weird And Wonderful Energy-Saving Hacks

September 19, 2017

Yep, it’s that time of year again. Sadly, the sun and the heat have gone and they are about to get replaced with wind and rain. Oh, and don’t forget about the freezing temperatures. For homeowners, this means one thing: keeping warm. Turning on the central heating is a perfect antidote, especially in the autumn and winter. However, it’s an expensive pastime as energy prices are soaring. As the average person can’t afford to burn fossil fuels, they need alternatives. Below are some of the strangest and effective energy-saving you will ever see.

Block The Chimney

New houses don’t have chimneys because it isn’t the 1900s and life doesn’t resemble a Dickens’ novel. Still, old properties haven’t made the transition yet. The worst thing about a chimney is the loss of energy and warmth. Because warm air rises, it goes straight up the flue and out into the open. To stop this from happening, you have to create a blockage prevents the air from escaping. Bear with us, but an inflatable balloon is an excellent choice. The balloon drifts up the chimney and fits snugly into the gap. This is a particularly good choice if you don’t use the fireplace too often.

Cover The Boiler In Tin Foil

A word of warning: your central heating system will look like something out of a NASA spaceship. But, if looks aren’t important to you, the amount of money you save will be enormous. Problematically, boilers cool down quickly. As a result, it means they have to start over again when you want to heat the house or the water. Of course, this leads to them using more energy and your wallet taking a big hit. Because it’s reflective, tin foil reflects the heat back into the furnace and keeps the water hotter for longer.

Build A Conservatory

If you have ever been in one, you will know it is like a greenhouse. Well, it is as long as you find a conservatory which is energy-efficient. With eco-friendly resources, an annexe slows the escape of heat from the house and doesn’t need as much energy as a result. Plus, there is always one room in the house that will be toasty warm regardless. But, why would you go to the trouble and spend all that money? It’s because a conservatory adds value to a house. Not only does it save money, but it also increases the resale value and kills two birds with one stone.

Get Free Tips

The best way to save energy and keep warm is to exploit free tips. Thanks to the internet, there are hundreds and thousands of pages of tips for the uninitiated. Please don’t be picky because a good idea is a good idea regardless of where it comes from. For more reputable sources, you can research the publications. That way, it is easy to know whether it’s “fake news” or a helpful household hint.

The tried and tested methods are excellent ways to save money with freezing to death. However, sometimes a homeowner needs to walk the path less travelled.


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