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April 9, 2017

The Best Doughnuts In The UK? 

A couple of weekends ago, I thought I’d ruin all I’d worked for in the gym and ‘treat’ myself to doughnuts from The Nottingham Doughnut Co. The calorific goodness is to die for. So, I thought I’d share this experience with you Lovelies to make your Sunday morning even more perfect. Gooey centre, crushed biscuits and drizzled chocolate, how can you resist?

The Experience 

This cute bakery is hidden away in the town square and is so tiny that you could easily miss it! You go down a flight of stairs, almost like you’re going to a tube station, and then you turn the corner to find fairy lights, big doughnut feature walls and of course, the smell of baked goods tickling your nostrils. The queue is massive which is always a good sign. However, the place itself is quite gloomy due to the lack of windows and no proper lighting. (I could easily have a nap in there.) Due to the dim lighting, it’s tough to see what is on display and if you’re a frequent buyer, then you can never get your fav doughnut as they change the menu every day.

Lewis and I got a box of 4 which came to around £9. I feel as if this is very overpriced for a bakery and would expect that sort of price from London. Because of the fact that this was the first time trying these, we wanted to get the full experience. DoughNotts sells standard sized doughnuts and then a premium selection for those who want a bigger sweet treat; these have better toppings but are more expensive.

The Doughnuts 

To make things fair, we got the following doughnuts: Red Velvet, Custard Cream, Cookie Monster and Marshmallow. When you get to the counter, the pressure becomes intense as you have to make a quick decision and there is so many to choose from! Cookie Monster was your average icing which was dyed blue and sprinkled with Oreo pieces. I feel as if this one was overrated because it was almost like shop-bought ones, but the dough is cooked to perfection.

Red Velvet was vanilla icing which was incredibly rich and had biscuit crumbs which were dyed red. This one was one of my favourites as it was sickly sweet and definitely satisfied the taste buds. Love a good filling? Then custard cream is the way to go. Not only do you have the creamy topping, drizzled chocolate and scattered crumbs but you also have the most oozing, gooey custard centre which is perfect if you’re seeking comfort food! It’s almost like traditional and modern all rolled into one gorgeous bundle.

Last but not least, is the Marshmallow goodness. Think marshmallow fluff and mini marshmallows which you find on a hot chocolate. This beauty was heaven in a box, with the topping pouring over the side and melting in your mouth. Personally, I can get bored eating doughnuts because I run out of toppings and get tired chewing on tasteless dough. But this? Not a problem!

Move away from the mainstream doughnut chain stores and get yourself down to Nottingham to feel the full DoughNott experience! Which would be your favourite?


Hope x



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