DIY Snowflake Decorations | #Blogmas

December 19, 2016
With Christmas coming up around the corner (how is it a week already?!), I thought I’d bring you a simple DIY that is not only affordable but also very cute. If you’re a snowflake lover and like to get creative, then this one is for you.

You’ve probably seen paper snowflakes before, and I’ve always looked at them in awe as they seem impossible to make. I’m the worst when it comes to origami because folding a bit of paper always results in about 10 paper cuts but if I can do this, then so can you! If you’re having a Christmas party, need some extra decorations for the tree, or if you’re just feeling very festive, then I’m sure you’ll love these unique trimmings.

What you will need: 

3 pieces of A4 paper in any colour
Rubber (optional)

Step 1 

Firstly, you want to fold your 3 pieces of paper in half and cut down the fold. You’re then going to take your half pieces of paper and fold the corner inwards, so it makes a triangle and cut the excess paper away. By the end, you should have 6 triangles!

Step 2 

Next, you’re going to fold your triangles in half again, so they’re smaller. Take the edge of the triangle that is folded and measure 2, 4 and 6cm. Draw little lines to mark them and then at the bottom of that side, mark 1.5 cm. It should look something like this:

Step 3

Now you’ve drawn the points, you need to draw a line from the 1.5 cm mark upwards. Then take the 2, 4 and 6 cm points and draw a diagonal line, so it meets the line you’ve drawn. (Complicated, yeah. You’re probably thinking “what the heck is this girl on about?’). Cut down your diagonal lines, so it meets the verticle line then unfold the triangles.

Step 4

Now it’s the messy part. You need to get your glue (PVA if possible) and take one of the bits of paper. Take the inner smaller triangle and paint a bit of glue onto it so they both stick together when you fold it over. You’re then going to turn the piece of paper over and take the next set of strips and glue those together like before. Do this for the other 2 pieces but remember to alternate sides! You will then have the first completed part of your snowflake! Repeat this step for the next 5 pieces.

Step 5 

Take 3 of the miniature snowflakes you have just made and place some glue on the bottom of one. Try your hardest to stick 2 of them together at the base and then attach the 3rd snowflake to the 2 you’ve just stuck together. If it doesn’t stick then use a stapler! Do the same to the other 3!

Step 6 

Now you should have 2 halves of the snowflake, so you want to take them and staple them together in the middle. Staple together the separate parts of the snowflake so they aren’t moving around, and they’re more durable.

So there is your wonderful snowflake decorations which you can make in any colour and even decorate with glitter! If you want to make smaller ones then use smaller bits of paper and if you’d like to watch a video then check out Youtuber Charlotte’s out here.
Merry Christmas,
Hope x

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