Did Someone Say Cookie Dough?

April 25, 2016
Cookie dough. Even the words make you want to drool, so when I found out that there was a cookie dough stand in Leeds that I had never noticed before my heart fluttered. In a way, I panicked, how many times have I walked past this mouthwatering stool without even noticing? How many delicious warm, buttery cookie dough servings have I missed out on? The questions are endless. So that week, I knew I had to go to Leeds City Centre and get some for myself. 
The morning finally arrived, the day I knew I was getting on the bus and visiting the heaven of sugar. I admit I was excited, I’d looked at way too many pictures on Instagram the night before and seen how breathtakingly tempting they looked. I rushed through Trinity and there sat My Cookie Dough, as known as, paradise.
Now as you can see, it’s a tiny little stand and there are only a few in the UK (Cardiff, Birmingham and Leeds) and the company is relatively new (founded in 2014), hence the reason I’d never actually noticed it before. Their menu offers warm cookie dough, dough milkshakes and dough balls with lots of different flavours to choose from, including every chocolate imaginable, fudge, honeycomb and peanut butter just to name a few. 
I’d love to try all of their menus, however on my first visit I got a VIP Nutella Warm Cookie Dough, after all, you have to make your first experience the best. Their menu describes it as “Heavenly sweet, soft and buttery cookie dough, served meltingly warm with vanilla ice cream and Nutella sauce!” and it definitely wasn’t wrong. When I received this box of perfection, it was so gooey and melted, the way cookie dough should be! I expected a drizzle of Nutella but to my surprise it was a puddle, a blanket just covering my cookie head to toe. I mean, take a look for yourself! You can’t say that doesn’t look amazing.

This is by far the best cookie dough I’ve ever tasted and My Cookie Dough is my favourite place in the world. The portions are a perfect size and I surprisingly didn’t feel too sick afterwards. The cookie was cooked to perfection, warm inside and creamy in the middle, the Nutella soaking in making it soft. The ice cream didn’t overpower it as there was only a small amount but it made the treat complete.
I felt like I had to share this experience with you, as it’s too good not to tell anyone. If you live near a My Cookie Dough, then I certainly recommend visiting one at some point. Next time I go, I’ll be trying the Butter Caramel Dough Shake! What would you try? 

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