Decorate The Autumn Blues Away

October 23, 2017

It’s that time of year again where summer seems like a distant memory. The weather seems to be conspiring to sap the energy out of you. If you’ve been having trouble getting out of bed lately or struggled to stay motivated at work or are always battling a lethargy that won’t abate no matter how much rest you get or how well you eat, you may be in the thrall of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Unfortunately, many people misunderstand SAD, but it’s a medically recognised and potentially severe form of depression. If you start to feel down, you can battle it in a range of ways. Such as cognitive behavioural therapy to psychopharmacology to… decorating! 

Whether you’ve just moved in and are looking for ways to make your home your own or have been itching for an excuse to spruce up the old place for a while now, this is the perfect time to battle the blues. Let your paintbrush be your weapon and a flawlessly executed interior design strategy be your battle campaign! Here are some home decor tips to liven up your living space to chase those seasonal blues away. 


The bathroom is where many of us start our day. It’s where we take that first hot shower or leisurely bath and wrap our heads around the day to come. Thus, it’s important to get off to a good start here. Keeping all surfaces spick and span and free from mildew is a no-brainer. Even if your budget doesn’t allow for a total overhaul, you can still make small changes that make a difference. Replacing your age dulled taps with bath taps from with sparkly new ones or even replacing your shower curtain with a screen to let more light in, can make a big difference. If you have dull walls, decorating it with hot hues like a hot pink or can inject some vibrancy. 

Living Room 

Your walls dictate the feel of a room. If you’ve been staring at a plain white wall for some time, now may be time to brighten things up.  Hot hues and vivid colours are essential. If your tastes tend to be understated, maybe narrow things down to a single statement wall while keeping the rest of the room more nondescript. Soft furnishings provide not only tactile pleasure but a sense of protection and comfort just from looking at them to ensure that you’ve always got something colourful and plush close to hand. Your lighting will play a big part in your room’s atmosphere (especially as the view outside gets increasingly gloomier) so feel free to add some warmth and vibrancy with coloured lights, light covers and gels to lighten the mood.

Being close to nature is a proven mood booster, but one that’s harder to enjoy when the leaves start falling from the trees and the flowers begin to wilt. Making sure you have plenty of houseplants and incorporating floral patterns can cheer up your living space. 


The bedroom is your place of respite and relaxation, so here you should stick to cheerful but neutral colours while incorporating as many natural materials as possible to maintain that sense of proximity to nature. Ensure that your bedroom is free from clutter and distractions and used predominantly for sleep rather than reading or watching TV. It should be a place where you can centre yourself when it all gets too much so be sure to keep some aromatherapy candles on hand to keep your mood stable and banish the blues.


Hope x

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