Dear My Younger Self

December 11, 2016
Dear Younger Self,
I’m writing this letter completely aware that you will think everything you’re reading is utter crap and isn’t going to happen. But I assure you, it’s all true.
Firstly, you should know that who you’re friends with now won’t be your friends later on in life. You’ll be upset by this at first, but you’ll then realise that you deserve better. People move on, people come and go, and nothing can change that. You’ll learn how to toughen up and not take things to heart as much, becoming more confident and learning to express your opinion because it does matter even if you don’t think so now.
PLOT TWIST. After the years of Mum saying you’ll never have a sibling, you actually have a little sister called Darbi. You’ll hate the idea at first, but then she becomes one of the most precious people in your life who you love dearly. Boys aren’t as scary as you think and you’ll end up spending half of your life in Leeds to see your boyfriend of 4 years, the family are lovely, and you enjoy every second, they’ve helped you through a lot, and you couldn’t ask for a nicer second Mother.
Things are going to be hard, and there will be a lot of change. Family problems will occur, people will die and you will suffer, but it will be okay. You will struggle with your mental health for some time and will have to take some time out, it’s going to be the hardest battle of your life, and you’ll think that you will never get better but trust me, I’m at the other side, and you’re doing great. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.
You’ll start college to study Health and Social Care, and you’ll be happy. Shocker, right? You’ve surrounded yourself with friends who have a positive influence on your life, and you’re succeeding despite your health struggles, if anything, you’re a role model to many and have even joined a charity to support others. Your personality has changed for the better, you’re not this shy little girl anymore with no confidence who gets pushed around, you’re determined and have great courage. You see your battles as a strength and have an extremely caring side but will also take a stand if needed.
Ready for the last surprise? You will become a blogger and bloggers aren’t even a thing at your age. You’ll have your own website which is doing fairly well, and you’ll chat shit on it, but it’s your happy place. Your escape route. Photography is your passion and yes, Instagram is a ‘thing’.
Your older and slightly wiser self x

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  • Rachel Hirst says:

    Such a honest, heartwarming post. You deserve all the happiness your Adult life will bring you.

  • Hope says:

    Thank you xxxx

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