Creating The Dream Retro Kitchen Design

September 20, 2017

When it comes to pulling together the idea designs for around your home, you can often go one of two ways. Firstly, you might like to work with one clearly defined look that is unified throughout your home, or, alternatively, you might like to create different looks throughout the entire place. And when you have a few different design interests, this can often be a really great idea. So if you fancy something to complement and set of your boho bedroom, why not think about working with a retro kitchen design to complete the look? If that sounds like something you’d love, here’s how to create the right style.

Pick The Colour Palette

To get you started, you’re going to need to pick out the perfect colour palette. Now, this can be as unique as you are. However, you’re going to want to try and work with some colour if you can. Because many retro kitchen designs come with bright pops of colour, whether they’re in the kitchen suite itself or on the walls and floor. If you really want to create an authentic throwback look with your kitchen, opt for either brights or pastels above anything else – but only choose one kind.

Find The Perfect Floor

From here, you’re also going to need to ensure that you can pick out the perfect flooring choices too. There are lots of different flooring ideas for a vintage kitchen design that you can work with. But, remember, if you’re going to be working with a lot of colour in your design, you might want to keep your flooring neutral. For this reason, you may find a traditional black and white design works before for you.

Choose Your Fittings & Fixtures Carefully

Then, you’re going to want to select the right fittings and fixtures for your kitchen. Not only does this mean that you’re going to want to pick out the right shelving, cupboards, and counters, but you also need to ensure that you have the right details too. And when it comes to picking your sink and taps form places like Kitchensync, try not to go too modern. If you go classic, you should find it sets your retro theme off right.

Rework Old Furniture

Next, you should think about the furniture that you’re using in the space. If you’re trying to work with a retro finish, you may find that going for something too modern just won’t work. So, instead, you may want to go with older furniture. For this, you could pick out already renovated pieces, or choose some older pieces yourself and renovate them to suit your new space.

Work With Retro Features

And finally, you’re going to want to make sure that you work in some key retro features too. For this, of course, you’re free to bring your own sense of style and fashionable flair into things. But you may find that things like retro radios, clocks, wall art, and even ornaments are going to be able to create the look that you want and set the space off in style.


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