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April 7, 2016

Recently I was crowned a Coconut Queen Ambassador. Now you’re probably thinking, what is this girl on about? Well, I was lucky enough to work with Coconut Lane London and receive some of their unique items. From jewellery to wall art, you will find something quirky, with high-quality products that make great gifts, it’s perfect for every girl out there.

Think unicorns, mermaids and sparkle. This site is chic and stylish and you’ll be addicted to buying from them. If you have teenage girls you know of then this is perfect for birthdays and Christmas, with funny frames and cute cards at affordable prices, you can’t really go wrong. The company launched in October 2015 so is still fairly new, their mission is to inject a bit of fun and sass to home and fashion accessories. I was lucky enough to receive four very unique items from Coconut lane which I absolutely adore, check them out below!

Coffee, Contour & Confidence Wall Art

One of the items I received was this wall art/print. I’m always a little worried about buying these items, especially with what the quality may be like but I had no disappointments when it came to me. With durable white plastic and high-quality bold printing, it looks fantastic sat at my desk, it’s simple but such a great accessory which brings a desk together perfectly. There are so many quotes to choose from, such as ‘What would Beyonce do?’ to ‘The bags under my eyes are Prada’ which adds humour to a home but also a stylish look. Although it is all plastic, it doesn’t look cheap and I know it wouldn’t easily break which is perfect for clumsy people like me! You can either get the print for £6 or the frame too for £14.50

Marble Phone Case

This item is the one I was most excited for. I’d recently just got an iPhone 6 and it’s usually so hard trying to decide which phone case to get but then I came across this beauty. I’ve noticed that marble is definitely popular right now and Coconut Lane provided me with this lovely marble phone case. It’s strong and sturdy which provides me with great protection and I’m positive that the case will not break. This case goes extremely well with my white iPhone and I like the fact that no one else I know has got the same! I’ve fallen in love with so many phone cases on this site; they’re diverse and with Coconut Lane bringing new stock out constantly, you’ll be eager to check up on them regularly! These phone cases do vary in price, from around £7.50 to £14.50. 

Cara Card

The next piece I received was this superb Cara Delevingne greeting card. As we all know, Cara is currently known for her amazing eyebrows and this card really stood out to me as very amusing and something my friends would love. Coconut Lane have designed these cards so you can use them for any occasion which is useful and they’re a perfect size. At £2.70, they’re a lot cheaper than the average card shop yet still provide you with something different that you can’t find anywhere else. Their cards are printed on luxury, matte, cocoon recycled card and are A6, which of course, comes with it’s matching white envelope! You can get other quotes on cards too and also different colours, some quotes being ‘Birthday cake calories don’t count’ and ‘Take shelfies, drink mermaid martinis’.

Queen Ring

Last but not least, we move on to another one of my favourites, my queen ring, (in case you need a reminder of the Queen you really are) which I wear every single day! Coconut Lane sells a range of jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. I loved this ring in particular because it’s so dainty and is great for everyday wear as it’s very simple. I have quite small fingers and usually find it hard for rings to fit me so I was a little worried when I received it, however, when I put the ring on it fit perfectly, I was so happy because it looked great. It’s available in gold, rose gold and silver, and I liked the fact that I actually got a choice in colour because on some sites you don’t. At just £9 this is a great buy! The Queen ring is made very well ; also, it’s very durable and the silver hasn’t come off at all which gives me great confidence in their jewellery.

Make sure you check out for yourself and use the discount code hope20 to get 20% off all orders. UK Standard Delivery is only £1.95, don’t miss out!  

Let me know what you think below, I’d love to know your opinions!

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