Choosing Your Student Accommodation

June 15, 2018

Moving into student accommodation is the first thing you need to think about when joining a college or university, and it can be a decision which takes up a huge amount of your time, effort and money. To make sure that you have a stress free year in your student accommodation you need to choose wisely. Today we are going to talk about some ways to do that.


One absolute essential for any student accommodation is an internet connection. You’ll need a connection for social media, calling your friends, doing work and everything else. You can look at Fortis Student lettings and other accommodations to see what kind of internet connectivity they can offer, and this should be something which influences your decision.

 Location, location, location

The most important thing you need to ensure when choosing the place you’ll live for the next semester is the location. When choosing a student home you will either look for a dorm on campus or a flat to rent nearby. If you do opt for a flat or house, you need to make sure that the transport links are adequate. If not, you’ll end up commuting for over an hour every morning just to reach a lecture. No one wants that!

Safe and sound

Safety and security are incredibly important to consider when you want to move into a new accommodation. For example, think about moving into halls or on campus. These buildings will have a lot of security, plus you will have safety in numbers due to the other students. If you are moving into the city take the time to look up crime rates as well as checking the neighbourhood to see if it is safe or not. You should be able to make an informed decision by doing this.

Friendly staff

Maybe the idea of living in the city is a little too scary for you right away, you can always stay in student accommodation on campus or in the surrounding area. If you are wondering how to choose which building to stay in, take a look at the staff who work there. If you have friendly and helpful staff you will know that you will always get everything you need. 

Comfort and style
If you are going to spend the next year of your life living in this place, you need to make sure it is comfortable enough for you. Even though you are a student and it can be hard to find accommodation, it is always important to think about yourself.  You can’t be expected to sleep and eat in a place which is cramped, dark and uncomfortable. Take yourself into consideration and make sure this is a place you genuinely see yourself living in for the next year or so.

Experience and lifestyle

If you are a night owl, you will always want to take a look at the kind of nightlife available for you near your home. Think about clubs, bars, and restaurants and ensure that you have good transport links. The nightlife in big cities is often amazing so you will likely have no issues here. If you love to go out into the countryside during the weekends, check what kind of green spaces there are in the area and just beyond. There will usually be some sort of national park in driving distance so you shouldn’t have an issue.

Think about the cost

The single most important factor which you need to consider when moving into student accommodation is the cost. This is likely the first time you have ever lived away from your parents. Plus when you join your university or college you might not even have a job yet. Money is something you really need to stop and think about when making your decision. Although student accommodation on campus can be great, it can often be more expensive than renting. Weigh up the pros and cons of each to decide which one makes more sense for you.

If you enjoy having your own space then a flat is ideal. If you live in the local area already, you also have the opportunity of staying at home with your parents. Commuting will save you a ton of money. It means that you don’t have to leave your family for the year.

Sharing is caring

If you and a few of your friends will all be going to the same university this year, why not share a place to live? It is a common thing for groups of friends to find a house close to the city and split the cost of rent. It will save you all having to be in separate halls. You will be able to enjoy the privacy of living in a house rather than a flat. If you are close friends it is definitely something you should consider. Certainly money saving. 

Job opportunities

When you reach university or college you will need to get yourself a job. No one is expecting you to work 5 days a week as well as studying. However, a Friday night or Saturday job would be a perfect way to fund your student life. Think about applying for jobs in retail stores in the area, or look into bar work. Make sure that there are plenty of work opportunities for you when you come on campus because this will be something you need to sustain you during the year. You are an independent adult now, so you need to make your own money for living and fun. Once you have found a great job, you might find that you can afford a better place to live!

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