Chocolate Drizzled Heavenly Pancakes | Healthy Recipe

August 28, 2016
So recently I’ve been slacking a little when it comes to blogging. I’ve had a busy week with travelling and days out, trying to make the most of the summer, (but don’t worry, this means more posts!) I think every blogger needs a week out now and again as technically we never get that dreamy week off of work! But now, it’s back to reality, and I have the perfect, delicious treat lined up for you.
Seeing as summer is sadly coming to an end (although I am excited about the new season’s knitwear collection), it means back to school/work for many, and we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I admit, I don’t eat breakfast, I find the food extremely boring, and I care more about actually getting my eyes to work rather than filling my face with food! However, I’ve been testing out a few pancake recipes that are not only deliciously tempting (even at 7 am), but also healthy and super fast to make!
2 Large Pancakes (Thick)


Step 1
Measure out all of your pancake ingrediants and combine them together in a bowl/blender.
Step 2
Mix all of your ingrediants together until you get a smooth batter which is quite runny. If your batter seems thick add a little water or milk.

Step 3
Once your batter is ready, heat a medium sized pan on a low heat and grease it (I used Frylight olive oil spray). Next, gently pour the batter onto the pan and leave it to cook for about 20-30 seconds. It will start to curl up on the sides when ready, flip it and repeat until brown/golden.
Step 4
Once your pancakes are cooked, get ready to decorate! (The best part, right?!) I used natural yoghurt to layer between the pancakes to make the most beautiful stack and then I used spray cream, nutella, sweet freedom sauce and little bits of chocolately goodness to decorate.

These pancakes are guilt free due to the mixture being incredibly good for you, meaning that they’re 300 calories per stack. You can make your pancakes as big or small as you want, I tend to aim for smaller ones so you get a big breathtaking stack.
Happy breakfast!
Hope x

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