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Top Tips Before You Buy A Kitten

  Everyone loves a brand new baby pet, whether this is a teeny tiny pup or a dinky kitten. Over on my Instagram, I’ve been very active on sharing all things pets, as Lewis & I were lucky enough to have gotten a kitten…

April 18, 2020

How To Make Whipped Iced Coffee

We’ve gone through the banana bread phase and it seems to be now wearing off. I mean, there’s only so much banana bread you can eat, right? Instead, we’ve swiftly moved onto the new food ‘craze’ which appears to be whipped iced coffee. This…

April 17, 2020

Easy Peasy Vanilla Sponge Traybake

During lockdown it seems as if we’ve all turned to baking, drinking endless amounts of alcohol and binge eating out of boredom. I’d say I tick all three of those boxes, and I’ve started to become quite the gin connoisseur. But what better way…

April 15, 2020

Why I Disappeared For Over A Year

It’s strange blogging again and trying to work out WordPress. It now feels like a foreign language. However, there are many reasons why I’ve not posted since September 2018 and I thought it was time to explain why. Not only has lockdown encouraged me…

April 14, 2020