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July 20, 2016
When I was in a rush to catch my train to Leeds, I pressed the lift button and in slow motion, my phone smashed all over the floor. Do you cry in pain or get on that damn train? Maybe both… Lesson learnt to protect my phone more or perhaps don’t be stupid and put your phone away while you’re carrying three bags of belongings. (Whoops).

I don’t like putting phone cases on my phone as they can look cheap and tacky, or I find one I like, and it turns out it’s about £50 (Yep, for a phone case, that is insane). They either don’t last, or I can’t find one I love. Well, that was until I came across Milkway Cases, my life was changed forever. From floral, henna patterns and palm trees, to doughnuts, panda’s and pizza, you’re spoilt for choice with designs. If you want clear cases or wood, Milkyway has got you, girl.

I received 3 cases, one for me, one for my best friend, Chloe and one for Lewis. They were all different designs and patterns, and when they arrived we were super excited!

Lewis ordered the Squid Illuminati clear phone case and seemed very impressed, as a graphic designer himself, he is very judgemental when it comes to design and fell in love with this print in particular. The print itself is high quality and will take a lot of wear and tear without rubbing off. Milkway seems to want the best for its customers and has your phone’s safety in mind first. As you can see, the case is bursting with bold colour, a real eye catcher and a unique find.

Chloe ordered the wooden Lotus Mandala phone case as she wanted more protection for her camera. We were both extremely impressed the quality of these cases. Made from real cherry wood and carefully engraved with a symmetrical pattern the wooden cases feature rounded corners and for a bulky case, this gives you extra protection so you won’t have a heart attack if you drop your phone. Milkway also makes Cork cases, and a gold series of cases so make sure you check them out!

Okay so lastly, I ordered this ‘Cup of Tea‘ case and isn’t this the cutest design ever?! This screams my name, with adorable girly colours and tea being the best drink in the world, it’ll probably be a blogger favourite. Milkway thinks of the simplest ideas which become a huge success, and there will be a case out there for anyone, boy or girl. Ever had a cheap phone case where the button cut-outs are incredibly inaccurate? Worry no more. With the charging port being generously sized and the speaker holes rounded to perfection, this is your ideal case. Perfect for presents or just to treat yourself, Milkyway will make you want a massive phone case collection, as seen by the likes of Weylie (@ilikeweylie on YouTube), no one can resist them.

So, perhaps I won’t be as clumsy anymore when I get the train. What’s your favourite Milkyway design?

Hope x

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