My Dream Boho Bedroom

September 15, 2017

I don’t know about you, but if my bedroom space isn’t right, then I just don’t feel right either. I think it has something to do with it being a bit of a retreat for us teenagers. Somewhere that is all our own. That is what lead me to devise this new bedroom design, one that I think will be divine. So if you feel your bedroom space is a bit lacking, read on for some boho inspiration.

The Bed

Obviously, the first thing to sort in a bedroom is a bed. There is actually a lot more to beds that meets the eye, though. There are single, queen size, king, and super kings, with all different firmness ratings. It can be a bit confusing, especially if you have never bought a bed for yourself before.

Although, in my opinion when it comes to sleep the more rooms you have, the better. So a super king, or zip and the link is a good bet. Although it’s best to check out things like this zip and link mattress advice guide for some more information before you buy. As then you can be sure you aren’t wasting any of your money. After all, beds are expensive so you will want to get it right!  


Once you have the actual bed sorted, you can have some fun picking out the right bedding.

To get that spot on boho look, look for paisley style patterns in blues and pinks. Alternatively, you can go for something super neutral and then add interest with throw pillows and cushions. As this works really well with the bohemian look too.

The Walls

The same approach can be applied to the walls as well. Go for something neutral like a bright or warm white, then add details with posters or boho style wall hangings. You can get some nice square shaped ones and even round ones now.

The best thing about wall hangings is that they are an instant and low-cost way to make a space much more personalised and homely. Meaning they are perfect if you are making over a rented room, one that you are moving out of soon, say in your folk’s house, or a uni dorm room.


Just because your room is decorated in a boho style, it doesn’t mean that it needs to be messy. That is why it’s vital that you have enough storage so everything can be put away. A cheap and easy way of doing this is to use a cloth rail instead of a wardrobe.

Wardrobes can be expensive and take up loads of room. They are also hard work to get into and out of a rented property. While clothes rails are relatively cheap and come in pieces. So you can take them upstairs easily and assemble them where needed. There’s also something about having your outfits on show, that fits in perfectly with that boho vibe.

Floor Seating

A big part of any boho bedroom is having some floor seating. This is so easy to do, and it gives it that relaxed party atmosphere.  Look for oversized floor cushions or fairly flat cushion will do in a pinch. You can even use them on the bed when not sitting around with your mates, so they don’t make the place look too untidy or cluttered.

Light Fittings

Now, getting the light fitting right is essential for that proper hippy feel. Long drop lampshades that effuse a warm light are perfect. Look for one that are in wicker, as they reference the 70s hippy look and will set you room off a treat. Alternatively, you could go for a very minimalist style in a metallic shade, as this will act as a nice contrast to the rest of the boho look.

Music Player

Obviously, we all have our phone to play music out of, but a really nice touch for a boho room can be a vinyl record player. With a few of your favourite albums to enjoy on it, of course. Look for the replica suitcase ones that come in pretty pastel colours, and keep it on the floor along with your starting cushions for a super hippy vibe.

Decorative Touches

The most fun bit of decorating a bedroom for most of us is looking for and displaying some decorative touches. For the hippy boho look, search out simple, stylish pieces like hanging mirrors, dream catchers, and macrame plant hangers. As these will provide interest and focal points around the room. While still giving you that laid back, relaxed style that you are looking for.


Hope x

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  • Gladys parker says:

    Wonderful ideas. I’m so glad I was in my youth/teens when this was popular the first time. I love that it has came back. The phonograph and floor pillows are right on point!

  • I love your ideas! It’s such a cute concept! I think I can find most of these in IKEA, and the Christmas Tree Shop. I feel like music makes everything better! Thanks for sharing, you got me wanting to redecorate my bedroom!

  • Elizabeth O says:

    I would have loved to see an actual finished photo of your fun and fabulous boho bedroom. Since I’m a sensitive sleeper, I prefer minimal bedroom decor and soft colors.

  • Great ideas. I love boho style, and I really enjoyed reading this post. Thank you for sharing.

  • Wow, it would be nice to have room decorated like this. I absolutely love boho style. Thank you for sharing.

  • Rosey says:

    My daughter (18) just got a vinyl player about a year ago and she just loves it. Her bedroom kind of has a boho feel to it, definitely!

  • gloria says:

    I absolutely love boho style. Thank you for sharing.

  • >