The Birthday Party Will Be Held At…

September 18, 2017

Whether it’s the celebration of a big birthday, or you’ve finally got a birthday that falls on the weekend, sometimes you just want to ring in the next year of your life with a bang. After all, you will never be this young again. You can choose to celebrate your special day any way you want. However, you can entice more people to join you by hosting it at one of these awesome venues.

Translate Bar, London

If you’re happy with a low-key event with a massive guest list, Translate Bar in London can cater for beer-drinkers and cocktail lovers (blue lagoon, yes please!). Celebrate your birthday with the greatest hits from 90’s and 00’s pop, mixed in with all the best music of the past years. But most importantly, as the birthday person, you will be treated like royalty; any birthday booking gets the full-on ‘Birthday Treatment’, which cannot be divulged in public. It might not be the fanciest venue in Shoreditch. (We’re not all classy) But you will be thoroughly spoiled by the time it’s no longer your birthday.

Kensington Roof Gardens, London

Every other day of the year, you are a regular person going about their ordinary life. But on your birthday, you feel like people should throw you a parade, shower you with admiration, and celebrities should be catering to your whims. You can kind of have the last one if you get on the Kensington Roof Gardens guestlist for your big day.

The Kensington Roof Gardens is a glamorous nightclub owned by Richard Branson. You can swan around and pretend that he has ordered his staff to deliver you drinks all night long. Either way, this is a spectacular place for a birthday celebration. During the day, guests can enjoy a leisurely stroll among the palm trees, and sample a delicious dinner. The nightclub gets packed pretty quickly, hence why you need to be on the guest list. (Even if it is your birthday and you are the queen.)

El Cartel, Edinburgh

Sometimes, all you need is some Mexican street food and a few shots of tequila to get the party started. El Cartel in Edinburgh stands apart from other sit-down Mexican restaurants because of one thing; the playlist. While you and your friends get cosy in this hole-in-the-wall venue, sampling authentic Mexican cuisine, hip-hop and other upbeat tunes will get you ready to hit the nearby clubs once your meal goes down. You can even have tequila with your dessert if you try the tequila-infused mango sorbet.

Food for Friends, Brighton

Many people are now adopting a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, which is great news for the planet. However, fussy eaters = difficult catering. Fortunately, down in Brighton more and more restaurants have realised that meat-free meals don’t have to be boring. Head down to Food for Friends, which offers an eclectic vegetarian menu inspired by the flavours and recipes of the Mediterranean, the Middle East and North Africa.

Wherever you’re celebrating, have a happy birthday!


Hope x

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