Big Birthdays? Pick The Perfect Celebration

September 12, 2017

Your 18th and 21st birthdays are a big deal! They mark that passage of time when you officially become a grown up, and therefore they should be celebrated, preferably by doing something exciting and fun. But, with so many fantastic choices how can you be sure you will pick the right one? To help you decide I’ve compiled a list below, so keep reading, and you just might find your perfect big birthday celebration pick among them.

Party Time

Yup, it’s probably the most traditional options for celebrating a big birthday, but for many us, a house party is just what we want. As we get to dance the night away with friends. However, whether you get to do this or not, very much depends on your living situation and how your parents feel about it. If they are not so keen to hand over their home to a gaggle of youngsters for the night, then it may be a safer bet to find a venue to host it elsewhere.

Hotels can do a great job of this, as they can provide decorations and book entertainment as well. Although looking at local community buildings like football, and cricket clubs is a better option for the budget conscious. Just don’t forget you will need to provide the food and decorations yourself.

Afternoon Tea

If you are after something a little more refined and becoming a mature adult then why not try an afternoon tea experience instead? This can be a fabulous choice if you want to combine friends and family members, and you have the option of going on somewhere afterwards for a bit more of a raucous celebration if that’s  your thing.

During an afternoon tea, the most famous of which is served at the Ritz Hotel in London, you can expect delicate finger sandwiches. As well as bite sized cakes, home baked scone with cream and jam and perhaps even a glass of champagne. Making it an ideal treat to celebrate your big day.

Go On An Adventure

However, if you are a more adventurous individual then perhaps staying in the UK, won’t be quite right for you. In fact, maybe you are itching to get out there and see that big wide world, and what better excuse to do this than to celebrate a big birthday?

There is some truly adventurous adult only holiday ideas out there to choose from as well. Things like safari-ing with huskies, and reindeer in Finland. Photography tours of Islands in the Mediterranean like Gozo, or even whale watching in Iceland. Meaning you can easily find something that will fit your tastes.

A Weekend Break

If your budget or energy level doesn’t quite stretch as far as a full blown adventure, why not pick a place that you have always wanted to visit and head there for a weekend instead?  

In particular, you can see and do a lot on a city break in just 48 hours. Making locations like New York, Paris, and Budapest all perfect picks for your bigger birthdays.


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