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November 13, 2017

Are you ready to sell your home and move onto pastures new? Getting it in tip-top condition and making a few upgrades can go a long way in helping you achieve the value you want.

Buying and selling property can be exciting but also stressful. As well as getting rid of the old, you need to find the perfect new place and physically move your possessions from one home to the next. You have to switch your bills over, sort contents insurance and even write (or amend) your will. When you have an asset like a house, you will want to make sure that if anything happens to you, it gets left to the person or people of your choice. If you’re wondering what is a mirror will this is a will created to leave the home to your partner in the event that something happens to you. As well as all of the legal stuff, you need to make sure you’re presenting your home in the best way to get the value you want. Here are some ideas for going about it.

Go Neutral

Light, neutral shades of white, magnolia and light grey are inoffensive and will appeal to most people. They will also make space look bigger and brighter, maximising the look of each of your rooms. You might like bold colour and pattern but if you’re putting your house on the market it should be with a view to please as many potential buyers as possible. People will see a home that’s decorated with clean, light neutrals as move-in ready and as a result will pay more money for this. If your walls aren’t in the best condition, it’s worth getting a plasterer in to skim them. A light paint colour gives you nowhere to hide when it comes to scuffs, marks, holes and cracks. A skim all over will make everything smooth, provide a good base for the paint and make your home look clean, modern and expensive.

Think About Flooring



Flooring is another important thing to get right. As you want to appeal to buyers you should choose flooring that’s inoffensive even if it’s not to your personal taste. Solid wood is a good option, it’s beautiful and hardwearing so something that most buyers will appreciate. Since you can re-sand and stain many times over the years it can last decades if looked after well. Plus wood goes with just about any style of decor and is easy to clean so makes a for a practical floor covering.

Cheaper options would involve laminate or laminate but with a real wood top layer. If your house is more on the luxury side and you want to command a high asking price, you could go with a luxurious option such as marble or granite. Upstairs, neutral carpets are a good choice, they will feel soft and cosy underfoot so perfect in bedrooms. The flooring you have down is something buyers will pay attention to if they see it’s something neutral and in good condition, you’re likely to get a higher price for your home. Any marks, stains and cracks will knock money off since flooring is expensive to replace they will want the house for the value to reflect this.

Add Eco-Friendly Features

One thing buyers love is environmentally friendly features in the home. Things like solar panels, eco-friendly windows and cavity wall and loft insulation. Not only do these protect the environment where you’re using less energy but they also save you money on your bills too. Speak to an estate agent and work out if the cost of these features would add a significant amount to your asking value and if so it could be worth it. If you spend 10k on upgrades but add 15 or 20k onto the asking value then it’s something well worth considering.

Make it Open Plan

Open plan is the new in-Vogue style. It makes homes feel more big and bright. It’s better for entertaining and is generally the preference of modern homes. If yours has small, boxy rooms, you could remove walls and create one open plan space downstairs. A large kitchen with an island is something that just about everyone will love, today’s relaxed dining and entertaining styles mean that you can cook while guests sit on the island and chat and get involved. This is in contrast to older entertaining styles, where the host would shut themselves away in the kitchen and then present food in a larger living and dining area.

Build In Some Storage

Things like beautiful built in wardrobes are a perk in the home because they are fitted from the floor to the ceiling they give an enormous amount of storage. In bedrooms, particularly if the rooms are an odd shape it can maximise the space and show prospective tenants that they can comfortably live in the home with enough storage space to spare. Clients will be put off homes which they think will be too small, so by doing this you create a gorgeous bedroom and provide plenty of storage. Choose plain doors and handles that will appeal to everyone, you could even go a step further and have things like lights installed in them.

Install Another Bathroom

Family life is busy and hectic, and family members all waiting for one bathroom in the morning can be difficult. For this reason, many buyers (particularly families) will be looking for two at least. You could add a small toilet downstairs, by transforming a cupboard or space under the stairs. Or you could add an ensuite to the master bathroom. It doesn’t have to be too big, just a toilet, sink and a shower cubicle will do the trick. That way there are fewer people queuing for the main bathroom, and having the extra will stand out to home buyers.

If people are torn between two similar houses, the one with the extra bathroom will come out the best. It all depends on where your current plumbing and pipes are. If they’re in the wrong place to put an ensuite in the master room you could consider putting it in another room if there’s space. Jack and Jill bathrooms work well, where two bedrooms have access to one bathroom. Ideal for teens or kids to share.

Update The Fixtures and Fittings

Fixtures and fittings might seem like small details, but they can go a long way in making your home look expensive, coherent and give it the wow factor. Things like door handles, light switches, plug sockets, light fittings, even curtain poles. Choose a metal and keep this consistent throughout, whether it’s shiny stainless steel, copper or a black metal, it will give your home a really well-thought outlook. Things like taps in your bathroom and kitchen are also important, as are radiators and other permanent fixtures in the home.

Add Off-Road Parking

Most buyers will be looking for off road parking when they are choosing a home. This keeps their car safer and can also reduce car insurance costs. So adding a driveway or garage to your home could be the difference between one that sells immediately and one that sits on the market for months. You could turn your front garden into a drive if it’s large enough, or if you have space on the side you could have a garage built. Many households these days have at least one car, some have two or three so somewhere decent to park up is something that buyers will be looking for in a home.

Don’t Neglect The Outside Space

Finally, the outside space is equally as important as inside. Your home needs kerb appeal, to look nice from the outside in order to get people through the door in the first place. Clean windows and doors, things like shoes and bicycles removed from outside, tidy up the garden and paint things like fences and garage doors. In the back, decking has been shown to be a good option. It’s not too expensive to have installed but can add hundreds even thousands to the asking price. It looks smart and works for both small and large gardens. Mature shrubs and trees are in high demand, you can buy trees in pots and plant these in your garden so if yours is sad, this is an option. Otherwise, you would buy fast-growing varieties and plant these as soon as you decide you want to sell your house.

You don’t need to make all of these changes to your home, pick a few key things and boost the value. Make sure you check things like the ceiling price in your area, as this means that no matter what you do a house isn’t likely to sell for much more. So making massive renovations won’t pay off. But often, a couple of changes can mean adding thousands to your asking price.

Which of these upgrades and renovations would you be most likely to make before selling your home for the biggest value?


Hope x

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