Bedroom Decor Inspiration

January 4, 2017
As the new year is now underway, I thought I’d make my bedroom a little more snazzy with some cute details which I know you’ll love just as much as me. It’s finally back to reality, and I’m somewhat feeling normal again after waking up at 3 pm at the weekend which left me feeling utterly confused and spaced out. (What even happened? And why did I need over 12 hours sleep?!).
My bedroom consists of a bed, desk, wardrobe and drawers. I have to work with little space which can sometimes become difficult, especially when trying to buy new furniture. However, on my wall are two vintage wooden shelves, so I took in upon myself to spice things up a little and make them the statement piece. I’m a lover of all things floral and girly, how can you resist beautiful shabby chic dressers and adorable vases of flowers? So, let’s see this makeover!
My shelves are staggered, I felt that it looked more separate this way and didn’t seem like a long boring line. On shelf one, I went for the more expensive classy look by adding my Chanel bag as well as showcasing my favourite perfumes such as Chloé, which came in a beautiful packaged white box. I wanted to keep this shelf as clean as possible, and I added a little glamour by placing my ‘Benefit Easy On The Eyes’ book. This is definitely a coffee table read, and the front cover is very appealing so what better way to show it off than having it standing up on your statement shelves? Bedrooms aren’t complete without candles which is why this French Bedroom Company candle is my favourite, not only does it smell divine but the metal silver casing makes it look rather posh.
I placed fake flowers on both of my shelves (well they’re all over my room actually). I love the look of flowers, and I feel like they bring colour and happiness to a room, even when it’s winter time. I go for flowers that look realistic and try to take good care of them. (You’ve probably seen my favourites sneak into my Instagram pictures a few times). Roses are so gorgeous, and I have some beautiful pieces of lavender, and I’ll switch and swap my vases, dressing them up and down whenever I can. My favourite has to be my Kilner jar/vase, though, so eye catching and unique!
On my second shelf, I’ve decided to go for the more mix and match look with a few adorable items I received at Christmas. Lightboxes are all the go at the moment and for a blogger, it’s perfection! This lightbox from What Lottie Loves is perfect when lit up at night time and I get to change what it says whenever I want! Next to my floral arrangement I have the ‘Face’ book, which is by the Real Technique girls (which is a must have by the way! Thank you, Becca, you lifesaver), it contains some amazing photography and gives you key tips to a healthier looking face. My ‘Be Wild & Free’ candle is a bargain from Primark but really gives me a reminder of what life is all about and taking opportunities when they arise.
Okay, so lastly is the bloody shopping trolley which I’m IN LOVE WITH!! A desk organiser, makeup holder or a home for your brushes, whatever your heart desires! This trolley even has wheels and a seat which to me, is the best thing ever. The little novelty item made my Christmas and you’ve got to admit, it’s pretty cool. My Mac lipstick is looking pretty dashing in there.
But really, the main thing that brings this statement piece together is the bunting, it’s so feminine and elegant and matches the decor perfectly. The fabric is such high quality and it just brings a fresh feel to my bedroom.
What’s your favourite accessory?
Hope x

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