Beauty Resolutions | 2017

January 13, 2017
Makeup is all about experimenting and trying out new things to enhance your features and to bring out the confidence. The past week I’ve been scrolling through Instagram and drooling over the extraordinary eyeshadows, matte lips and luscious lashes. So I thought, why not make it a goal for 2017 to improve in the makeup area and become more experimental? Of course, I want to learn how to drive and complete my Health and Social Care course, but these are little goals that can be easily achieved.

False Eyelashes 

False lashes always look drop-dead gorgeous when they’re done right. I’ve been looking at Unicron Lashes for some time, and I keep dreaming of how perfect they must look on! But am I the only one with a false lash fear? Sticking something onto your eyes seems a little bit scary (even though I poke my eyeballs with contact lenses every day). I’ve also been put off when I’ve seen images of girls whose lashes have fallen off slightly, and it’s so obvious, especially those plasticky looking ones! 2017, please cure my uneasiness.


For Christmas, I managed to get my hands on Mac’s Velvet Teddy which is an absolute godsend! (Thanks, Becca) My aim is to expand my Mac collection bit by bit and be more vibrant with colours. Corals and oranges are perfect for summer time, and I’d love to own some darker shades of purple for winter. I’ve seen some fascinating videos of gradient lips which look beautiful so maybe with a bit of practice, I can get my blending game on. Matte lips are definitely the way to go, girls.


I’ve come to the conclusion that eyeshadow is my worst enemy. I just can’t do it. The problem is, I’m not comfortable buying an expensive palette when I’m just going to waste half of it by practising. And blending? God, that looks frustrating. The worst thing? What if your eyeshadow has gone super well and you mess up your eyeliner! The heartbreak. So many beautiful palettes out there, so much pigment and for it all to be ruined by the worst eyeshadow applicator ever. Please improve your skills, Hope.


So the eyeliner skills are finally improving. (Thank the Lord, it’s taken long enough!) However, with liner, there is always room for improvement and the fact that it takes me forever to do in the mornings is a pain in the ass. Goal? To get quicker and to make that wing more fleeky!
With college and a sister who won’t keep her hands off my makeup stash, let’s see how this goes. What are your beauty resolutions for 2017?
Hope x

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