Banish Your Blocked Nose

November 6, 2016
Work experience hasn’t really done me any justice, and thanks to snotty nosed children, I’m now suffering from the dreaded November cold. I can’t be the only one who dislikes winter? The early dark nights, coughing, spluttering and sneezing, not to forget your fingers that nearly catch frostbite from being outside for 3 seconds.
What can you actually do when you have a cold? Nothing seems to work, and the ‘medications’ on the market are basically placebos. You can go to the doctors but they’ll just tell you it’s a virus and you walk away feeling exactly the same with no prescription to hand. It’s Monday tomorrow and I have to struggle my way through paperwork and the day is most likely going to drag. Here are some little steps on how to survive through this deathly cold.


A little bit self-explanatory but not enough people get the necessary rest they need when they’re ill. Sleep is part of the healing process so forget that late night work and get an early night or better yet, take the day off because you’ll recover a lot faster. Your bed is calling you. Wrap yourself on that duvet, snuggle up, keep warm and drift into dream land. 

Sweat it out

Having a hot bath can do wonders for your body. Baths open your pores and encourage sweating which helps release toxins in your body, if you’re achy from the flu then the warm water will help relax joints.


Eucalyptus oil will be your saviour if you have a blocked nose and cough. Either pour some in some boiling water and place a towel over your head and breathe slowly to open your airways or pop some on a cloth and put it in your room. The scent is incredibly strong and will get to work instantly. The reason this is a miracle worker is due to it being an anti-bacterial, anti-virus and anti-inflammatory. Life saver.


I love eating so this shouldn’t be a problem. To recover, you need to give yourself more energy, so a food source is important. Food will provide you with a vast range of vitamins and nutrients that your cold and flu tablets can’t. Soup is the perfect ill food due to it being mostly liquid which keeps you hydrated and also eases the stuffy nose.
Get well soon!
Hope x

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