Avengers Assemble & Put Together Flat Pack Furniture

November 1, 2017

Honestly, sometimes it feels like you need Thor and Iron Man to assemble Ikea’s range of furniture. At other times, you feel like beckoning The Hulk so he can smash it to pieces! Flat pack furniture has its advantages, not least being able to carry it through the door. Anyone who has had to take out a window to deliver a sofa understands. But, it doesn’t make the process any less challenging or tricky. To help you, Sugar Coat Hope thought it would, well, give you some hope. The clue’s in the title, people! 

Unpack The Flat Pack

The first thing to do is to remove the packaging. Most people don’t know this, but unwrapping furniture is the first mistake. Usually, people rip and tear at the plastic until it resembles a shredded mess on the floor. The problem is that flat pack furniture comes with instructions for use. If the piece of paper is in bits, it’s a terrible start to the process! Christmas is coming up and manhandling packages feels great, but try and resist the temptation. Without a set of guidelines, the project gets even harder. 

Read The Instructions

Please, don’t be like my Mother! Okay, so the paper with the directions has somehow managed to survive. Hooray! So, now all that’s left is to… oh, you’ve already started? Too many homeowners (cough, Sarah), think they don’t need instructions. How hard can it be, right? Well, pretty damn difficult if you don’t know what pieces go together with the correlating screws. If you want to get it right the first time, please don’t let your ego get in the way. Take the guidelines and follow them step-by-step. As a rule, re-read them before committing and don’t read ahead.

Use The Right Tools

DIY seemingly has a range of equipment for any one job. Whether it’s replacing a fuse of putting together furniture, a screwdriver, a drill and beer will be on hand! These are the basics but there are other tools which make life ten-times easier. The trick is to use the gear that correlates to the project. So, for furniture, you may want to add spray glue guns and nail guns to your toolbox. Frankly, glueing or nailing wood is easier than sliding it together. So, as a last resort, you can pull out a gun of choice and merge the materials into one. Because glue and nails are sturdy, it shouldn’t affect the furniture’s structural integrity.

Get A Second Opinion 

Do it yourself, or so they say, but DIY isn’t easy on your own. It’s much better to have a friend who can help you decipher the instructions and keep you on the right path. Let’s face it – the guidelines are never manageable. Plus, when people get frustrated, they lose focus. A handy helper, then, should be able to take up the slack when things start to go pear-shaped. At the very least, you can blame them when it goes wrong!

Sadly, The Avengers won’t be on hand to help with your household needs. So, you have to be an adult and find a solution or four. 


Hope x

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