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September 1, 2017

Improving a home’s decors or even extending the property is truly one of those labours that feel wonderful, even when it’s very hard work. This is because most people have an intrinsic sense of love for their home, and improving their centre of relaxation is such an exciting pursuit that they have nothing but positive feelings for it. However, there are sometimes issues that might culminate after deciding to give your home a seasonal reboot.

To begin with, funds might be lacking. Even though your place is sorely needing a facelift, you might find that recent necessities have left you short on cash temporarily. For issues like this, finding a very reasonable secured loan for home improvement can get those wheels turning faster than you might have originally thought. However, not only is searching for the grounding to make your improvement dreams a reality something you need to focus on but designing what you’d like your dream to look like is just as important. After a busy summer, you might be struggling for ideas.

Autumn is nearly here, and so heading for a seasonal theme is always a good idea. It will help you keep your design uniform and will help you source the items in similar places. Here are a few ideas for the best autumnal home improvements you can apply in 2017:

Reclaimed Wood

There’s simply no better way to bring in character to your property than to make use of reclaimed timber. What’s more, this can be much cheaper than purchasing a brand new piece of furnishing. Simply heading to a local antique dealer, or even lumber yard can help you make use of reclaimed wood. Working with a local carpenter might help you convert a large piece of wood you’ve found in an interesting place into a recycled piece of furniture.

For example, a large barn door from a historically old bar could be purchased cheaply from someone renovating their barns. Taking this to the requisite professional can shape this material into a table, chairs or even some form of more significant, longer lasting furnishing such as a wardrobe or chest of drawers. Not only will your furnishing come much more cheaply, but you will know that you have the only one in the world just like it, imbued with historical significance. At the very least, it will serve as a wonderful talking point for all who visit.


Autumn is best categorized for its cool, yet not biting temperature, and it’s crisp nature. It’s a time of complete beauty. It rivals the most blossoming season thanks to its ‘cosy’ feeling. As such, bringing in some beautiful home colours and theming them can make your home stand out. Gold’s, light greens, deep browns and even maroons, such as those found on all of the falling leaves around your property, can help your home feel in sync with the natural environment, as well as helping it look gorgeous.

Cracked Paving

Cracked paving is back, as it always is in the colder months. If looking to improve your outdoor area, why not implement this into your garden, and maybe even line those paths with garden lighting? It can look truly magical in these crisp, darker evenings. Cracked paving made from patio slabs, simple bricks left over from a recent property renovation, or even strong varnished blocks of wood can all wood a treat in embedding your garden path with a beautifully lined walkway. It also has the added benefit of providing a non-slip surface to your path, thanks to the uneven bumps along it.

These tips will help you overcome the encroaching cold and make the most of the autumn in all its beauty.

Hope x

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