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May 11, 2016
On Monday, I celebrated my birthday (hence the lack of posts). I was lucky enough to have a birthday that fell on one of the hottest weekends we’ve ever had here in England, with temperatures just below 30 Celsius, which of course, was a shock to the country. I wanted to do something a bit different for my birthday so went ahead and booked an Airbnb apartment for the night. 
If you haven’t heard already, Airbnb is a website and app which allows you to stay in and rent unique homes and apartments all over the world, and in my opinion, it’s so much better than a hotel. There are so many gorgeous places to choose from and with it being affordable and diverse you can’t be disappointed. For a small price of £70, I stayed in a studio apartment overnight which is located in Leeds City Centre, 2 minutes away from the train station and right next to all of the shops. Perfection right?

When I first entered the room I was taken back; it was so cosy and I instantly felt comfortable and settled in. The room looked exactly like the photos on the site which was great as sometimes pictures can be deceiving, especially with the editing and best angles. All of the bedding was immaculate with fresh looking sheets and beautiful accessories; you could certainly tell a lot of effort has gone into making these apartments look modern.  
Next to the bed was this excellent seating area with comfy chairs and a little glass table. It was such a warm weekend so all my boyfriend and I wanted to do was chill and we were able to relax happily. I loved how the brickwork was left untouched as it gave a feel of modern yet industrial all at the same time and gave a sense of what the apartment was like before. As you can see, the windowsills were very broad so I enjoyed sitting there reading a book and looking at the city below me. 
Next, we come to the kitchen which would be perfect if you were planning to stay for a few days. You are provided with everything from a washing machine to a cooker, toaster to iron. You even have cutlery, scissors and can openers. The host had thought of everything and I felt very privileged to stay there. The essential electricals are all well-known brands and the room was fragranced with a light but noticeable coconut/chocolatey smell. The small things seemed to make all the difference in this stay and we were given numbers and knew where to go if anything were to happen with a 24-hour service so we felt safe. The kitchen again is very stylish with spotlights in the perfect places.
The overall cleanliness was brilliant; I didn’t find any hairs or unwanted marks like you usually do in a hotel. The bathroom was your average, quite small and basic but did the job for the night we stayed and we were provided with shampoo, shower gel and a hairdryer which was a great additional extra. The bedside tables were a lovely reflective mirror style and you could instantly tell it was high quality. The only downside to this stay was the noise outside because of all the bars; however, I wasn’t put off by this because it was only at night and didn’t go on too late. 
Overall, I’d highly recommend this apartment building; it was beautiful. A decent amount of space in the room in the heart of Leeds, the shops on your doorstep, quite literally. (We did get the wrong train to start off with, though whoops!).
If you wish to check out this apartment on Airbnb, then click here
Have you had any stays with Airbnb? I’d love to hear some recommendations in the comments below!

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