Hello, my Lovelies,

I’m Hope, your average tea drinking Brit who loves fashion, makeup and anything lifestyle related. On my blog, you will find me rambling and ranting about life so make sure you have a cuppa ready. I created SugarcoatHope back in 2015 when I was struggling with my mental health, I’d already been successful on Instagram (which you can find here) and found that it helped me and shaped the person I am today. I’ve collaborated with many lovely brands and being part of Mind Charity to share my anxiety story was something very close to my heart. I have a little sister called Darbi who is two year old (yeah the 16-year gap wasn’t planned), so you may see her little face pop up from time to time as well as my boyfriend of 5 years, Lewis.

Enough rambling. If you want to chat about anything then please do feel free to contact me, your girl will get back to you!


Hope x