A Week In Paradise | Rhodes

July 30, 2018

It’s been a couple of weeks since I got back from Rhodes, Greece and it’s safe to say that I am missing it. It’s now back to reality with the humid heatwave in the UK, sweating with no air-con and dealing with sleepless nights. Lewis and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip and it is such a gorgeous island with some amazing people (and food!). So, just to give you some travel inspo, I thought I’d share some snaps from our trip!

Boat adventures 

I’m not the kind of girl who is adventurous. I get scared if I have to jump off a wall and with my swimming capability is not my strongest point (how embarrassing), so going on a boat is kinda a big deal to me. We went on two boat trips while we were there. The first one was for Old Town Rhodes which was more of a big built boat with an upstairs and it was quite full. On the rare occasions, you sometimes see dolphins, but to my disappointment, I wasn’t so lucky. The boat trip took about 45 minutes each way and it was nice to feel the salt in your hair and the sun beaming down on your skin.

The next boat trip was to three different bays. Ladiko Bay, Afandou Caves and at the Anthony Quinn Bay. It was absolutely breathtaking with beautiful crystal clear waters and the most wonderful coves. The scary part was jumping off the boat at each bay and swimming around (I had a float, yes, the noodle ones). You get the chance to snorkel, swim and take pictures! At Anthony Quinn, you even get the chance to see the tropical fish swimming around your toes.


Lindos is a town on the Greek island of Rhodes. It’s known for its clifftop acropolis, which features monumental 4th-century gates and reliefs from about 280 B.C. The Temple of Athena Lindia sits above an earlier temple. Think of picturesque classic white Greek buildings, markets that weave into mysteries and ice cream galore. Pink bougainvillaea flowers hug the buildings and petals cascade in an elegant way. Rather beautiful.

The Hotel

In particular, we stayed in Calypso Palace in Faliraki, Rhodes. We were right by the beach and our room had a sea view. The hotel was all inclusive which meant cocktails and pizza galore. As a student who loves a good takeaway, it’s a must to try the pita gyros which is a Greek classic and is so cheap (usually around €3!). It’s basically kebab meat which is within a pita and slathered in mayonnaise, tomatoes, onions and topped with chips. No wonder I’ve put weight on. Just a heads-up, measurements of alcohol do not exist in Greece so forget a double, you’re technically getting a quadruple if not more. Not that I’m complaining, the sex on the beaches was divine.

Greece is a country of pure natural beauty with gorgeous tropical beaches and sand that tickles your toes. Sunkissed glowing bronze skin and blonde waves. You certainly need to pop it on your bucket list, pronto.

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