A Trip To The Capital City | London

August 31, 2016
If someone asked me to go to London for the day, I’d say no. The thought of the tube, tourists and long streets seems too alarming for a little person who has no idea where they are. The stress of escalators, people rushing past you and shops you can never find your way out of is too overwhelming. But I did it.
Yes, I got persuaded into going to London for the day. Did I dread it? Of course, it was a bank holiday and the train was packed, but I’m here to tell the tale. I’ve been to London 3 times in my life and the first 2 times were torture; one time it was snowing, and my feet were bleeding in my new shoes (what idiot wears new shoes to London?! Self inflicted, I know) and the second time we got lost on the tube so the day went on forever.

The reason for this trip was to spend time with Lewis and also to go to the GymShark meet up in Parliment Square. People such as Nikki Blackketter, Jazmine Garcia and David Laid were all there waiting to meet a huddle of fans. Now, you know that I don’t like fitness, but I went for Lewis and to also meet Nikki Blackketter as I’m a fan of her vlogs purely because she’s a down to earth and strong woman. We were surprisingly only waiting for around half an hour, and I managed to have a chat with Nikki and get a picture! (A dreadful picture, I know).

Once the excitement was over, Lewis and I headed over to Canary Wharf (yes I survived the tube, halleluiah). I maybe got a little too excited about the Bare Minerals store, but we grabbed lunch at Nando’s, seeing as I’m the garlic bread queen and can’t resist the buttery goodness. I mean, a girls gotta eat, right?

We spent the afternoon at Westminster, although the majority of the time I wasn’t admiring Big Ben, in fact I was trying not to get trampled on by tourists or get in the way of family pictures. Why do people have to stand in the middle of the pavement? The worst part about London though, needing a wee. You have to walk 20 minutes to find a toilet and then you’re queuing for another 20; I don’t think my bladder has ever been so full.

We spent some time walking along the River Thames which was nice, I love the look of all the buildings, they fit my Instagram feed perfectly so be prepared! The weather was extremely humid, (I had to get changed in McDonald’s toilets, classy) so we took a slow walk to Buckingham Palace and then found our way to Carnaby Street. I FOUND THE BENEFIT COSMETICS STORE! Maybe I only bought something so I could have a Benefit bag seeing as I’m the top bag hoarder? Joking, I needed the They’re Real mascara so badly because I ran out about a month ago and it feels so good to have eyelashes again! (You know the struggle.)

I then came across the biggest Victoria’s Secret I’ve ever been in. 3 floors is insane! How much underwear does someone need? But nevertheless, it was heaven looking at adorable lace bralets and the cutest pants. I probably bore Lewis to tears looking around. Again, I’m guilty of spending money (whoops).

Once we’d walked around the sights and been top tourists, we made our way back to London Kings Cross to get the train and had a massive Papa Johns pizza when we got back. The perfect way to end a perfect day.

Hope x

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