A Trip To Amsterdam

July 30, 2017

If you’ve been following my Instagram (@sugarcoathope), you will see that I took a trip to Amsterdam earlier this month. I’ve always wanted to go to this city due to its incredible history, culture and scenery and you will find that it is well and truly ticked off of my bucket list! Lewis and I went for a few nights and I thought I’d share with you a little insight of the Netherland’s capital.

A 50-minute flight from the UK is a dream come true and is quicker than most train journeys so there is no need to worry about sitting next to that screaming baby for 4 hours. When you walk into Schiphol airport, you are immediately greeted by the Dutch culture and are very warmly welcomed. Of course, this is where we stocked up on not so healthy snacks.

Day 1

We had to get a train to our hotel which was quite overwhelming when you’re in a new place but the transport systems are a million times easier and the UK needs to catch up! A train every 5 minutes? Needed. Our hotel as you can see from the images was absolutely breathtaking. It reminded me of one of those wooden toy buildings I would play with when I was younger. The modern interior made it a dream.

Day 1 consisted of looking around the city and it turns out that we walked 12 miles in one day getting lost throughout the streets. May I please advise that you look everywhere you walk because even though everywhere is pedestrianised, you will get killed by a bike (YES I SPEAK FROM EXPERIENCE!). The artistic heritage and elaborate canal system are beautiful and the narrow houses scream the Golden Age of the 17th century. Walking and focusing on our delicious ice-creams, we suddenly found ourselves in the Red Light District and Lewis was about to be made a ‘lucky man’. I don’t think he’s ever felt that awkward in his life! After eating pizza and stroopwafel’s, I can truly say the day was a success.

Day 2


After waking up late, we rushed to the Heineken Beer Experience. Yes, we had beer for breakfast and yes it was good. I would suggest eating beforehand just because you will end up drunk like Lewis and I did. However, you can’t turn down free alcohol now, can you?! Then, of course, it was time for a bit of retail therapy and this girl found a Forever 21, I think my life is now complete. After spending too much money, we head out that night to the Xtra Cold Ice Bar in Amsterdam. Yes, that is right, a bar which is completely made out of ice, it’s like an igloo.

And the best part? You get to wear warm coats and gloves while drinking out of an ice shot glass. Nutella and whipped cream vodka, yum. Yes, maybe we were alcoholics that day!

Day 3

Home time (sad time). I Amsterdam is the most iconic sign and tourist attractions in Amsterdam. We walked many hours to find the beauty and managed to get a bit of video footage! Then the challenge was on to try and find my family little presents that didn’t have weed leaves plastered all over them and can I say that the mission was unsuccessful. I’m sure my 2-year-old sister would just think it’s a flower but my Mum wouldn’t be very appreciative! For lunch, you have to grab the delicious chips which are slathered in mayo and herbs. It’s literally heaven in a cone. Also, a massive shout out to PEEJAYS Doughnuts for giving me the most gorgeous lemon meringue treat. Then after a dip in the pool and packing, it’s time to jet off to sunny Manchester.

And that, Lovelies, is Amsterdam in a nutshell.


Hope x


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