A Pinterest Worthy Home

October 2, 2017

With every man and his dog creating a dream home on Pinterest, it can be easy to fall out of love with your current home decor. But there are so many things you can do that doesn’t include a complete rehaul of the entire house. With a combination of small additions and a big change or two, your house will feel like new.


Your bedroom should be a retreat full of comfort and relaxing vibes. The best part, of course, is the bed. A statement bedframe might seem opulent, but it should be the key feature of the room. Choose a frame that matches your personality and pile it high with cushions and throws and sink into it every night. You can also use your bed as storage to get rid of any clutter in the room. By clearing space, and opening up the room, you will find it more tranquil. If you have chosen a dark or a coloured frame, then keep everything else light by repainting any wooden furniture white, or off-white, with chalk paint and give it that chic vibe.

Living Room 

This should be inviting for everyone. Decide whether you want the focus to be on the fireplace, the TV or to have the sofa’s face each other over a statement coffee table – this decision will dictate how you place your seating. The biggest piece of furniture is usually the sofa – make sure you choose the right size for the room and your family; you don’t want half of them sitting on the floor because there aren’t enough seats available. Nor do you want not to be able to navigate the room because the sofa is too chunky. A contemporary sofa can bring a modern twist to the room, and you can mix and match between a large sofa, a couple of smaller ones, or a mix of sofa and armchairs.

Again, accessorise with cushions and throws. Mix up the patterns and material for a dimensional effect. You can easily store things like DVDs and games in baskets, or within an ottoman, and free up shelf space for photo frames and the odd ornament. The key to a non-cluttered home is to utilise storage space and to keep things simple.


A bathroom can be easily jazzed up with a new floor. Depending on the look you are going for, you can use an eclectic print like stripes, or a tiled mandala pattern. Whatever you choose, if you keep everything else light, your floor will revolutionise the space – even in small bathrooms. Use storage baskets or a built-in cupboard under the sink to hide away cleaning materials and spare shampoo to keep the area uncluttered and relaxing. Open shelving made from a converted step-ladder can have a shabby-chic feel, and be the perfect place for a plant and some storage boxes.


All those DIY kitchen pins you have been hoarding? Now is the time to use them. Storage space can be created by dividing up drawers to accommodate pans, and spices can be transferred into magnetic tins to decorate your fridge and clear up cupboard space. You can use sticky-back plastic to ‘fake marble’ your counters, but make sure you go over them with a fire-proof spray, or you will get lovely melted-plastic rings whenever you put anything hot directly on the side. The chalk paint can come in handy again here to repaint your cupboards and drawers – a lighter colour will open up space, but this, again will need to be painted with a varnish. Otherwise, you run the risk of staining everything whenever you cook.

Dining Room

The table is the obvious focal point for the dining room – you need to choose a set size or a table that extends. This can depend on whether you have a large group of people dining at your home on a regular basis. One way of making your dining room Pinterest-worthy is to have the lighting fixture as the focal point. A chandelier sounds very ornate, but they can be very delicate and can match most decor.


If you have a home office, the main concern is the desk and chair. This is where you spend your time working so this is where you need to invest in getting the right things. Your desk needs to be the right height, depth, and width for you and the room. Your chair needs to be comfortable above every other aspect – but it is only sensible to make sure that it will give you the right back support as well. Optimise your space by having minimal distractions within it. Place a notice board above or near your computer, where you can pin important and motivational things in your direct eye-line. 

Home Gym 

A home gym needs all the right equipment, but more than the furniture it needs good lighting and good air flow. If the room doesn’t have this naturally, then this is where your investment needs to go. You can also think about a large wall mirror, to help you check your posture when lifting weights.

House goals!


Hope x

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